Each year we announce the Best Business Award to Companies that have achieved Excellence and are regarded as reputable and very reliable. We review the Highest Rated websites along with Voting within our Editorial Team as to which Companies pass our Award Entry levels for each calendar year.

The 2019 Best Company Award will be given to several organisations amongst Retail and Services related companies that offer Online and Offline Services.

The Award decisions are final, without discussion and without any form of prejudice for each and every company that is eligible via our Short list process. If you would like to be considered for this Award, we advise that Companies achieve a 100% Success rate with Customer Service and Customer liaisons, as this is an integral part of our Award Process. We measure each company both fairly and equally and also use our discretion, especially if negative feedback has been posted.

If Companies are able to demonstrate that they have put right any wrongs, and offered Great Customer Service after an issue has arisen, this counts as a positive outcome by our Editorial team. Check out our Folio items here for some inspiration.