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Leah Gifford

I got promoted not long ago and decided to treat myself to a new bag as I had been working really hard putting in a lot of hours so had not spent any money for a while so off shopping I went.

After scouring the internet for just over an hour I came across the cruise website and found the perfect back which was a Michael Kors Jet Set Sunrise Yellow Leather Tote Bag.

The bag cost me £160 which is not bad considering the quality of the bag and I am very happy with my purchase.

The bag was sent to me after a couple of days and arrived in perfect condition and I thought the service was excellent throughout.

Highly recommended

Jim French

After finally wearing out my old coat a few months back and landing a new job in the city I found myself needing a really high quality and professional looking coat for both work and leisure activities so after a short while of looking I came across the Cruise website.

I browsed through all of their jackets until I found one that was suitable which was a Paul Smith Navy Trench Coat which was on sale for £232.00 which I thought was very good considering it being a really well known brand.

When I got the coat I was very happy indeed and after using it for the past couple of months can honestly say I am so glad that I got it as it makes me feel really professional and not out of place when I am on the tube into the city which helps my confidence enormously.

Brilliant product and a brilliant price so would really recommend the coat to all of you.

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