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EH54 8SE

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Keith Potter

We have a Lidl across the road from our house and it is our local shop and it is so handy having it there as they are priced like a super market rather than a general corner shop so the price is much cheaper.

They have a really good selection of items and the staff in there are really friendly and helpful which is excellent.

Well worth taking a visit to if you want to get more for your money.

Wayne Bridge

My local LIDL store is my nearest shop and I use it at least once a day and have always found it to be absolutely marvellous.

It does not matter what I go in there for I always seem to leave with much more than I went in for which can be quite annoying sometimes but as there is that much choice and so many offers I find it hard to miss out on the offers. I particularly like there biscuit range which is wonderful and they are just as good as the usual McVities and Cadburys that I used to have.

I am very happy with LIDL and would like to thank them for the wonderful service and prices so keep it up.

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