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Graham Andrews

Aldi really do have brilliant offers!

I was hosting a BBQ last weekend and wanted to get a load of beers in for it and was told by my mother of all people to go to Aldi and see what they had as she had noticed they have a really large alcohol selection.

With this in mind I went to Aldi and got 4 crates of lager, 2 bottles of vodka and a white rum bottle for £37.68 which I thought was amazing.

I will highly recommend Aldi if you are having an event this summer as they are excellent on price and the goods are still the same quality.


Gareth Jones

I have been a loyal customer of Aldi for many years ever since they opened a store in my town and I really love the savings you can make whilst maintaining the quality you receive at other supermarkets.

I always find the range in Aldi to be very comprehensive and of high quality and I am yet to have an item that has been below par. The selection of beers in the store is also very good and cheap and even though I do not really drink much I do like the odd bottle of beer of an afternoon.

All in all I seem to get so much more for my money in Aldi and I will sure be returning there again and again as long as they keep up the good service.

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