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Travel Republic

Who are Travel Republic

Travel Republic is a UK-based online travel agency founded in 2003. The company specializes in providing customers with the ability to book a wide range of travel services, including flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and holiday packages. Travel Republic operates primarily through their website, offering a user-friendly platform that enables customers to search for and compare prices on various travel services from multiple providers.

As an online travel agency, Travel Republic acts as an intermediary between travelers and various travel service providers. They aim to offer customers competitive prices and a convenient booking experience. The company has grown over the years, expanding its services to cater to customers from various regions and countries.

What do Travel Republic provide

Travel Republic provides a variety of travel services to customers. Their main offerings include:

  1. Flights: Travel Republic allows customers to search for and book flights from a wide range of airlines, offering competitive prices and convenient booking options.
  2. Hotels: The company provides access to an extensive selection of hotels and accommodations worldwide, catering to different budgets and preferences.
  3. Car Rentals: Travel Republic partners with various car rental companies, enabling customers to book rental cars for their trips.
  4. Cruises: The platform allows users to search for and book cruise packages from numerous cruise lines, with options for various itineraries and destinations.
  5. Holiday Packages: Travel Republic offers all-inclusive and tailor-made holiday packages, bundling flights, accommodations, and other travel services to provide a seamless travel experience.
  6. Transfers: Customers can also book airport transfers and ground transportation services through the platform, ensuring a smooth journey from the airport to their accommodations.
  7. Travel Insurance: The company offers travel insurance options to help protect customers during their trips, covering aspects such as medical expenses, cancellations, and baggage loss.

By offering these services, Travel Republic aims to provide a one-stop-shop for customers looking to plan and book their travel arrangements, simplifying the process and ensuring a more enjoyable travel experience.

Contact Details:

Travel Republic
Clarendon House
147 London Road
Kingston Upon Thames

0208 974 200

Direct Travel Republic Website:

Company History of Travel Republic

Travel Republic was founded in 2003 as an online travel agency based in the United Kingdom. The company was created with the goal of simplifying the travel booking process by offering customers a convenient, user-friendly platform to search for, compare, and book various travel services. From its inception, Travel Republic aimed to provide competitive prices and a wide range of travel options to cater to various customer preferences.

Over the years, the company has grown and expanded its services to include flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, holiday packages, airport transfers, and travel insurance. This growth has helped Travel Republic become a popular choice for travelers looking for a comprehensive solution to their travel needs.

In 2012, Travel Republic was acquired by the Emirates Group, a Dubai-based global aviation and travel services company. This acquisition allowed the company to further expand its reach, tapping into new markets and strengthening its position in the travel industry.

Today, Travel Republic continues to operate as an online travel agency, serving customers from various regions and countries. The company remains focused on offering a seamless travel booking experience and competitive prices on a wide range of travel services.

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Mr Williams

My Travel Republic Holiday Review:

I wanted to share my experience of using Travel Republic for our family holiday in February. Overall, I have to say that we were really impressed with the service and would highly recommend them to others.

Booking the holiday was really easy, and we found that the prices were very competitive compared to other websites we had looked at. We were able to easily filter our search results to find a family-friendly hotel that was within our budget and met all of our requirements.

The customer service we received was excellent throughout the booking process, with friendly and knowledgeable staff on hand to answer any questions we had. We were also pleased to receive regular updates and reminders about our trip via email, which helped to put our minds at ease and ensure that we had everything we needed.

When we arrived at the hotel, we found that everything was just as we had hoped it would be. The hotel was clean, comfortable, and perfect for families, with plenty of activities and amenities to keep us all entertained. The location was also great, with easy access to the beach and lots of nearby restaurants and shops.

We had a fantastic holiday thanks to Travel Republic, and we would definitely use them again in the future. We felt that we received great value for money, and the level of service we received was outstanding. We would highly recommend Travel Republic to anyone looking to book a family holiday in the future.

Mrs Picton

My Travel Republic Holiday Review

I have been a loyal customer of travel republic for years as they have always provided me and the family with some of the best holidays we have ever experienced.

We have visited Spain, Italy, America and Mexico among others through them over the years and each time they have excelled in every way and we have had the time of our lives.

I would most certainly recommend this holiday company to all over the rest as they really do bend over backwards to do their very best for you and service like that is few and far between.

Great stuff travel republic.


This is the worst travel company I have EVER been with, and I advise everyone to pay just that little bit more money and use a different travel company for that extra peace of mind, as when something goes wrong, it becomes a nightmare to resolve.

We booked and paid for our accommodation to Greece last September and were due to fly out mid July 2012. I emailed our hotel 3 weeks before we were due to leave to ask if they could pick us up from the airport, as I read that they do a free shuffle transfer. They replied saying that they did not have any booking confirmed for us and they are full, even though I gave the reference and names of our party. I called Travel Republic who said not to worry, we have accommodation booked at our chosen resort and they haven’t heard anything from their supplier Med Hotels that we aren’t booked anywhere else.

I emailed the hotel owner back stressing that we do have accommodation booked and told her that Travel Republic use Med Hotel on behalf of TR, where she said that she is refusing to take any bookings from Med Hotels as they didn’t pay her for last years bills. Alarm bells started ringing, so I called the TR customer service team on countless occasions almost every day speaking to someone different. Non of them had a clue, they were all useless, one of them told me to get of the phone as he needed to take other calls!!!! What kind of Customer Service is that. To cut a long story short, this went on every day not knowing where we would be staying, and then the day before our flight to Greece we got an email saying that we would be staying in the apartments opposite, which didn’t cater for breakfast which we had paid for nor did it have a swimming pool. The apartments where also cheaper! I accepted the accommodation under protest as it was far too late to go and look for different accommodation. They also had told us a week before that they wouldn’t put us into this accommodation as it’s not up to their standard. I was fuming, but had to accept this.

I didn’t want this to end there, This company really got my back up, so when we got back from our holiday I contacted their Customer Relations Department to complain and put in a claim for not providing breakfast which we paid for and also for the amount of stress caused before our holiday had started and for the amount of hours wasted on the phone to their useless customer service team.
I didn’t hear anything for a while, so I posted something on Facebook, to which I got a response saying they will get someone to reply to my email. The reply was that they will investigate my claim and have a response within 28 days. They don’t start the 28 days from when you contact them, they do it from when they respond to your email which is ridiculous. Anyway, 28 days passed and I didn’t hear anything back , so I posted on their Facebook wall again and I was told that someone will get back to me. This went on for another month.

I was persistent with them as I wanted my money back from what we had originally paid and also some compensation for all the trouble they had caused. My first offer from them was a lousy 10% discount of any future hotel booking. What a joke! I had already told them that I’d NEVER use them again, so I refused and a week later after I kept on posted negative comments on their facebook wall I was offered £48 for our breakfast for 4 days. I accepted it but this was disgusting, as that money was rightfully mine in the first place and they waited 3 months to give me it back without any apology. I wished I had the time to take it further as they are a disgusting company and should not be allowed to still be trading. If you really want honest reviews, keep looking on Facebook, all you see are mostly people complaining about how they have been treated.

I told the customer relations manager that I will be posting this on every review site and I am keeping my promise. I want everyone to be aware of this dreadful company and to stay away from them. They don’t care about you, they just want your money. They are cheap for a reason!


Travel Republic Holiday Review

Travel republic have to be without a doubt my favourite tour operator as they have never let me down in many years of using them and this is why I continue to book my holidays through them each year. I have always found their staff very helpful and they always know how to find you exactly what you want within your budget constraints which is always a great benefit to us.

We have had to use their customer service department on only a couple of occasions but each time they helped us with what we needed to know without any type of fuss which made the wholse process that much more enjoyable.

If you are looking for the best travel provider then look no further in my opinion.

Great stuff Travel Republic

Corinne Lynch

We had a brilliant holiday through the Travel Republic and would sure use them again without a second thought as they really did give us the best time.

We booked a holiday through the company to Kavos in Greece and were immediately impressed by how professional and helpful the team at the Travel Republic were in every way from showing us the various locations to booking the flights and hotels.

The area we were staying in was fantastic and the hotel was also very nice and was fairly clean considering the rat problem the area has but we were not affected by it in the slightest.

There was plenty of activities to do throughout the holiday such as excursions to famous ruins and so on as well as a lovely boat trip across the coast.

The flights were not delayed at all or held up which is always a great benefit and the whole travel process was just quick and easy.

I certainly recommend the Travel Republic without hesitation.

Lucy Hollis

Myself, my husband and my daughter have just returned from one of the best holidays we could ever have wished for and we are so happy with the deal we got from the Travel republic. We contacted the Travel republic as they had been recommended to us by a family member and enquired about a seven day trip to the Maldives. The team of staff there were extremely helpful and showed us all of the options and hotels etc that were available to use.

Once we had decided on the package we had chosen we continued to book the holiday and paid for it in full. I had had a couple of bad experiences when booking holidays online before but had decided to give it another go and after this holiday I am so glad that we did. The location where we were based was one of the most stunning I have ever been to with crystal clear waters and golden sand. The hotel was extremely clean and looked very modern inside and out. The food at the hotel was excellent and there was so much variety that I just did not know what to eat there was that much. The staff at the hotel were also very helpful and offered us brilliant advice on excursions and day trips and even went the whole way and arranged them all for us.

The only downfall of the holiday was we lost one small suitcase in transit which did not get back to us for the first couple of days but the Travel republic rep did us proud by getting it to us as quickly as possible. I would recommend to anyone looking for a luxury holiday and good prices to check out the Travel republic website first.

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