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01935 414 100

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Luke Wilson

Screwfix are absolutely brilliant and have helped me out of a few bad situations many time when I could not get the part I needed.

They are always very fast to deliver and their prices are some of the best around.

I would also like to recommend the Titan SDS Power Drill which they have on offer at the moment for £64.99 as I have just received it the other day and found it to be one of the best drills I have ever had.

Great stuff Screwfix

Gordon Eccles

Screwfix for me are the best retailer of home improvement and hardware items on the market today and are so much cheaper than their nearest competitors.

I recently needed some cross dowels for a table I had got from Ebay and when I had seen the price at my local hardware store which was £16 for 20 which I thought was extortionate I decided to see what the price at Screwfix would be for the same item.

I found the dowels on their site quite easily and would you believe they were half the price of what I had been quoted at the previous store which was incredible so I ordered them straight away.

The dowels arrived very quickly and were well packaged and were perfect for what I wanted them for and I am so happy that I got them for the price I did.

Screwfix are exceptional in every way and I cannot recommend them enough.

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