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Sheila Wilson

I love shopping at Primark in Chester. The stores are always clean and well-organized, with a wide variety of affordable clothing, accessories, and home goods to choose from.

One of the things I appreciate most about Primark is their commitment to offering on-trend and stylish clothing at a fraction of the cost of other retailers. Whether I’m looking for a new outfit for work, a special occasion, or just casual wear, I always find something I like at Primark.

Despite the low prices, the quality of Primark’s products is surprisingly good. I have purchased items from Primark that have lasted for years and still look great. The value for money is truly unbeatable.

The only downside to shopping at Primark can be the crowds, especially during peak shopping times. However, the staff is always friendly and helpful, making the shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

I recommend Primark to anyone looking for affordable, stylish clothing and accessories. The quality and value for money are unmatched, and the shopping experience is always enjoyable.

Amber Scott

Paper bags are absolutely useless in wet weather had all my belongings and valuables in one of your paper bags given to me when it was clearly horrible weather outside and it all ripped apart and I was left looking silly in Glasgow. I get it helps the planet but on rainy days there should be another option because this carelessness cost me my Christmas presents and everything I had bought from the store and also a staff was rude to me when I asked where a section in the shop was!


I have just visited Primark in Wrexham and was amazed at just how helpful the staff where. Well done Primark for training and employing great staff.

Lucy Smith

My Primark Shopping Review

Primark is without a doubt the best clothing shop i have been to in a very very long time! All clothes at a very cheap price however still extremley good quality clothing.

I couldn’t recommend Primark enough if i tried, all the staff are always happy to help and are so friendly. I visited the store in Manchester recently to buy all my summer clothing, i must of bought well over £100 yet still had bags and bags of shopping.

If i was to shop in any other clothing shop i could probably spend £100 on just one or two bags of clothing.

I was Really impressed with the quality of the clothing from Primark especially with it being to cheap, most of my clothes have lasted at least a year, or even two. Primark has everything you need and more, you could only spend £50 and have a full new wardroop, all the clothing is not only cheap and good quality its also very up to date and fashionable.

Primark has childrens clothes, baby clothes, toddler clothes, teenager clothes, and adult clothes. Not to mention all the homeware products they have recently brought out, which are also bang on trend! If your looking for a good shopping experience, Primark is where you need to be! Best shop EVER !

Emily South

Primark Shop Liverpool

I was taken last month to my first ever Primark store which was located in Liverpool and I was absolutely shocked at how many products they had there and also the prices that these items were as I could not understand how they could afford to sell these things so cheap.

I had an absolute field day in there to say the least and ended up spending over two hundred pounds but I have to say the amount of clothes I got for this amount of money was phenomenal.

I would highly recommend visiting your local store as it is well worth it and you will not be disappointed in the slightest.

Sarah Driers

My Primark Shopping Review

Firstly I would like to congratulate Primark on offering probably the cheapest and finest Childrens clothes on the high Street.

I have been buying my 4 children clothes from my local Primark in Manchester for over a decade, and have never had a problem with any product. The staff are absolutley fantastic and the shop is always cleant and tidy. This is quite rare in this day and age, especially in a busy retail store.

From buying jumpers and skirts for less than £10 to finding bargains on other childrens clothes, Primark really is one of the best high street shops I have ever used.

Janet Yoaton

I have been a loyal customer of Primark ever since I first got the chance to visit one of their stores last year ans I am always amazed every time I visit there just how they can sell such good stuff for so little.

Last time myself and a couple of friends went to our birmingham store I only spent just shy of one hundred pounds and ended up with bags and bags of clothes and ended up staying in the store for the best part of about three hours which is crazy. I always like the fact that I can get all my knicker and bra sets so cheap in Primark as women know these are so expensive elsewhere but many of the ones I have got from Primark are only four to five pounds a set which is perfect for people like me who are on a budget.

My boyfriend also sees the benefit as due to his work he goes through socks like nothing and these are again very cheap in Primark and I can get about twenty pairs for less than a tenner. If you have not been to Primark before then take my word for it you just have to go as soon as you can as it is more than worth the effort.

Molly Watson

My Primark Shopping Review

I visited Primark last weekend for the first time with my daughter and I have to say I was very surprised with just how much they have on offer for their customers and some of their prices are just ridiculously low compared to other places I have been.

we spent around an hour in their store in Cheshire and in that hour I managed to get every item of clothing I needed for my holidays and I am more than happy about this fact as now I have more to spend while we are away.

I will be back to primark again for sure and would recommend anyone looking for a bargain to go and have a look there first as it is great.

Diane Wiltons

My Primark Shopping Review

I have been visiting Primark for my clothes for many years as they are by far one of the cheapest and best quality stores in the United Kingdom.

I recently booked a holiday to Corfu so required some new summer wear and bikinis and I was able to get all of the items I needed for a fraction of the price that I would have paid at other stores.

I cannot recommend Primark enough and I will now and always be a regular and valued customer of Primark as they are simply great.
The Wool Company

Myself and my wife have been visiting the wool company for many years as we have always had some of the best service we have ever received from them.

The products we have had from the wool company have always been very high in quality and have lasted for a very long time which is always of great benefit.

The shops prices are also very competitive and we have purchased many things for far less than we could have at any other outlet in the United Kingdom.

Every time we have visited this shop we have always found the staff to be incredibly helpful and they have always bent over backwards to help us find just what we are after.

Thank you so much wool company for giving us the very best shopping experience every time we visit.

Ahmed Hussain

Thank you Primark you have been brilliant to me!!!

I really needed some new summer gear such as bikinis and summer dresses as my husband surprised me on my birthday and had booked us a holiday where we had to leave the next morning so I had hardly any time to prepare.

When I first found out we were going I freaked out as I knew I did not have anything suitable so I began to panic. I then decided to go to my local Primark and see what they had to offer and so off I went into town. When I arrived at the shop it was not long at all until I had chosen seven our eight bikinis and five dresses and to be fair they were so well priced I decided to stay a little longer to get some more bargains.

When I had done I had chosen eight bikinis, nine dresses, four pairs of knickers and four blouses and was ready for my holiday. I ended up paying £133.75 for all of these items which I thought was absolutely fantastic and I really could not believe my luck and so I would like to thank all the Primark staff who were so helpful on the day as they made me feel so relaxed and made it a real pleasure being there. The holiday was the best I have ever had and I cannot be happier in any way, shape or form.

Great stuff Primark, you are the best!!

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