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Ann Summers

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Ann Summer Ltd
Gold Group House
Godstone Road

01883 629 629

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Elaine Johnson

As a frequent customer of Ann Summers’ online shop, I have had nothing but positive experiences with this retailer. The website is easy to navigate, with a wide selection of products to choose from, ranging from lingerie and sex toys to beauty and fashion items.

One of the things I appreciate most about Ann Summers is their commitment to body positivity and inclusivity. Their range of lingerie and clothing is available in a variety of sizes and styles, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Additionally, their products are of high quality and are designed to make women feel confident and sexy.

The online ordering process is simple and efficient, with fast shipping and discreet packaging. Their customer service team is also very responsive and helpful, ensuring that any questions or concerns are addressed promptly and professionally.

One of my favorite things about shopping at Ann Summers is their regular sales and discounts, making it affordable to treat myself to something special. Additionally, their loyalty program offers rewards and exclusive discounts to frequent shoppers, which is a nice bonus.

I recommend Ann Summers’ online shop to anyone looking for high-quality, body-positive lingerie, sex toys, and other adult products. Their commitment to inclusivity, fast shipping, and excellent customer service makes them one of my favorite online retailers.

Alex Drake

I go to our local Ann Summers parties whenever I can as they are very good and it is nice to relax with a drink whilst shopping.

The products from Ann Summer are very good quality and I particularly like their swimwear range as I managed to get some great summer gear last year.

Some of their items are a little well priced but they are worth the money in most cases and you know what you getting from the seller.

Very happy with everything and would recommend.

Jillian James

Being as I am a reseller of Ann Summers items via various parties every few weeks I would like to highly recommend their products to all women around the world and not just because I sell the products but because I really believe in the company and what they offer.

In the three years I have been selling these items I have only had a couple of returns and those were only due to the ladies choosing the wrong size on the right and not the quality of the item itself.

Ann Summers offer that little bit of excitement and flare for women and I can see the enjoyment in the ladies faces when they attend the sales.

If you are a lady then you should definitely check out the Ann Summers website as there is something for all types on their.


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