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Anwyl Construction Ltd
Anwyl House
Mona Terrace
LL18 4PH

0845 308 3535

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Paul Whittaker

We are on the Mill Green site in Warton, this site is a nightmare, jobs aren’t getting done on site managers won’t answer the calls when you have a problem, they promise jobs will be done but it never happens, the odd time a job gets done the workmanship is atrocious, I could go on and on but I would definitely NOT recommend Anwyl Homes to anybody.

Mr rimmer

Aftercare is shocking the landscapers smashed my window and anwyl won’t accept liability or get the contractors to replace the window.

Also found other snags within the house to be told the property is sold as seen because the property wasn’t bought off plot and was already built.


Really unhelpful staff on phone at Edenhurst grange liverpool. Gillian was rude and abrupt. Unhelpful to say the least. Will not be buying house from this company. Learn to treat customers with respect.

Mike Hirst

Mr Jones

Anwyl construction have recently done work on our new house and have designed it brilliantly.

All the rooms are all furnished well and extremely spacious ideal for anyone looking to move in without the stress of decorating. Gorgeous furnished kitchen, as well as a lovely fireplace in the living area ideal for the winter. As well as designing the house so well, Anwyl also designed the garden which looks beautiful with lovely grass and a patio ideal for the summer.

Such a well designed house and garden, I would recommend any housing buy Anwyl, well worth the money.

Mrs Kensington

We have just moved into a new housing estate that has been built by Anwyl Construction and can happily say the house is absolutely phenomenal from the brick work to the kitchen cupboards.

The garden has been done beautifully also and is very spacious and the patio they have built is facing the sun so it gets great coverage all day.

The walls are very thick as well which is remarkable when most of the modern day houses I have been to generally have thin walls so we are very pleased with this fact.

The garage is very good also and has a remote door for opening which save so much time when parking the car.

I would have no second thoughts of moving into or buying an Anwyl built house again as they are great in my eyes.

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