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Little Shoe Shop

Contact Details:

The Little Shoe Shop
71 York Street

0207 723 5321

Direct Little Shoe Shop Website: Website Offline

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Keith Hallows

Great selection of shoes on this website and they are very well priced as well.

I have had a couple of pair of boots and four or five pairs of shoes from them over the past couple of months and have found them to be very good indeed.

The delivery is quick also and never more than a couple of days from the order date which is always a benefit especially when you need some quickly for the weekend.

Highly recommended.

Lydia Hallcroft

Being a person who buys a lot of shoes I thought what better person to review the little shoe shop website then me as I have used them extensively over the past few months and have never been happier.

The store always send their items out the same day so you generally receive them within twenty four hours of placing your order which is a great achievement in itself but the shoes themselves are always in the best condition and well worth the money.

They are also very good on returns and refunds as I have purchased shoes before now without really thinking and they have been good enough to refund me fully or replace any of my unwanted ones which is always a good sign of a fair retailer.

I will most definitely recommend the little shoe shop to all who like to get high quality products at bargain basement prices.

Brilliant all round.

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