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Sandra Koust

Shoon Shopping Experience

The item I would like to review from the Shoon website is the pair of Maybury England May Scott shoes I recently purchased.

The shoes arrived very quickly once I had ordered them and arrived in pristine condition which is always nice. The shoes fitted me perfectly and looked very high quality throughout and were incredibly comfortable for a pair of leather shoes.

I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend this website to any men or indeed women out there looking for top quality products and bargain basement prices.

Susan Smith

Last week i ordered a pair of Pas De Rouge Enia T Bar womens shoes which cost me slightly over one hundred pounds from the Shoon website and am completely happy with every part of my order.

I ordered my shoes on a monday afternoon around 2pm and expected them to arrive around the weekend but to me great surprise and pleasure the shoes were at my door the very next day which in my eyes is some of the best service I could have asked for.

The shoes were themselves exactly as described and I am so happy with them that i just had to say thank you to Shoon for being so great in every way.

I will be back soon trust me.

Joanne Porter

Shoon Shopping Review

Item Purchased – UGG Classic Short Denim Boots

Price paid – £190.00

Delivery time – 3 days

Customer service – 10/10

I love the Shoon website as over the years I have had some brilliant bargains from there that have saved me so much money when compared to other websites. The latest boots I ordered were with me within three days and arrived in pristine condition and were just what I wanted.

I have also found that this companies customer service is some of the best I have ever experienced and they always do their very best to help you with any problems you may have had even though it may not have been there fault.

Shop rating for me is ten out of ten. Go Shoon.

Tasha Grove

The item I would like to review is the Jazami Heel Boot from the Shoon website which are priced at £295.00 including delivery.

The boots themselves are of a very high quality indeed and you can tell just by looking at them that they are the very best and you can see the hand stitched stitches which look fantastic.

They are also very comfortable to wear and not to tight fitting which really does save your feet and they are like they are made just for me.

I am extremely happy with the boots and would recommend them and the Shoon website to anyone as every aspect of this purchased was just perfect and I will definitely be back.

Abigail Knight

I have always found the Shoon website to be one of the best for high quality shoes and accessories and have been a loyal customer of theirs for just over two years.

I have always found their staff to be very helpful in ensuring that customers receive the very best items.

I have had countless pairs of shoes over those two years and each and every pair has been delivered to my very fast and the shoes themselves are only of the best quality and worth every penny I have paid for them.

Highly recommended.

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