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Pat Healy

Placed an order online (Order No. AD066139673) for three items two of which two were identical electric showers. Advised of delivery date and waited until 4.30pm to accept delivery. (no problem there as we were advised that the order would arrive between 8am and 6pm). The delivery van only contained one of the showers. Made contact with Customer “Service” to be told that the delivery of the second shower could not be effected for another six days. This was particularly problematic as we had a plumber and electrician already arranged for installation. Despite us explaining this we received no satifactory response.

The best we could get in recompense was the refund of the £3.95 delivery charge and this only after a push. We had to re-schedule a plumber and electrician and make a forty mile round trip to collect the missing shower. Think twice before you order online from Argos. We certainly would NOT RECOMMEND

George Egerton

Myself and my wife were after a new coffee table for our living room so we decided to visit the Argos website to see if there was anything we liked on their product list.

It was the first time I myself had visited their website as I generally do not use the computer much so I was really surprised just how easy it was to look for the items you required. It did not take us long to find the Kensington Coffee Table with Two Drawers that we liked and I thought it was a very good deal for £160. We ordered the table and then awaited its arrival which did not take anywhere near as long as I thought as it was at our doorstep within 72 hours.

When it arrived the packaging was slightly scuffed but the table itself was not marked at all which was a great relief. I proceeded to put the coffee table together which took me around thirty minutes and was not very difficult at all as the step by step instructions were easy to follow and they provided all the tools I required. The table looks beautiful in our living room and I am so happy we chose Argos to get it from and I will definitely be be returning there in the future.

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