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Mark Longleat

After deciding to sell my Volkswagen Passat 20V Sport I thought I would try out the Autotrader service as I had not had much luck previously selling cars in a local area. I visited their website and followed their step by step instructions on how to list a car and paid for my advertisement.

I uploaded the photos of my car and wrote the description and so on and then posted my listing on their website. After five days of no activity whatsoever I finally received an enquiry and then another and another. By the end of the sixth day I had received over twelve enquiries and had four viewings booked in for the seventh day.

The second of these people who came to view purchased my car and paid cash which was brilliant for me. The whole experience of using Autotrader was exceptional and I did not think it would be as easy as it was so I am very happy.

Service A+ , Price A+ and ease to use A+

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