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George Rimmer

I would like to review my latest car which is a Chrysler Delta which I purchased on finance for a retail price of £16,700.

I purchased the car from my local Chrysler dealer who was very good at telling me all about the car and its functions which was very helpful in choosing exactly what I wanted.

Since having the car I have been very impressed by the overall feel of it and the quality of all the parts that have been used within it such as the car stereo, wheels and seats.

The interior is very well designed and feels very comfortable and definitely makes the car look extremely modern.

It is very good on fuel also and we get somewhere in the region of 450 mile to the tank on long runs and 400 miles for every day driving.

I cannot recommend the Chrysler Delta enough and would certainly go out and buy it again if I needed to without hesitation.

Great quality, great service and great car all adds up to great Chrysler!

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