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Danny Merrick

Product Purchased – LG RC8015C Condenser Tumble Dryer

Price Paid – £599.00

Delivery Time – 3 Days

I have had this tumble dryer now for just over three weeks and I am so happy with it I thought I would tell you all on here. I have had a Hotpoint tumble dryer for many years and to be honest was never really impressed with it as it was very noisy and seemed to take forever to dry our clothes so I thought I would spend a little bit more than last time and buy a high performance one.

So I went to my local Currys store and browsed their range until I find the one I liked the most and then called over a member of staff to explain what the differences between the models were. The guy was very helpful and explained the functions of the tumble dryers which then confirmed the choice I had made was right for me. I promptly paid for the dryer and the asked when it would be delivered. I was told it would be five working days as they did not keep them in stock which was not a problem for me.

On the third day I received a knock on my door and low and behold my new dryer had arrived which I was very happy about. The delivery man even transported it to the room that I needed it in and set it up for me which I thought was excellent service. The tumble dryer itself is extremely quiet and dries my washing in virtually half the time that my old one used to take which is amazing.

I am so happy with it now that I will definitely be returning to Currys for all of my electrical appliances in the future.

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