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Mr Wilaby

EA Games Rock – They are simply one of the best game providers in the world. I always buy EA Products, most especially the sports based games, as they always entertain me. If you love football and boxing, check out the EA Games portfolio.

They are simple the best.

Adrian Flanger

EA Games and EA Sports are by far the best games developers in the world today and have been responsible for some of the most successful games around. I have been a huge fan of their games for many years and have around twenty in my collection so I will list them below and give you my personal rating on each one so you can enjoy them as much as me.

Tiger Woods 2011 – Rating *********
Tiger Woods 2010 – Rating *******
Tiger Woods 2009 – Rating ********
Tiger Woods 2008 – Rating *******
FIFA 2012 – Rating **********
FIFA 2011 – Rating ********
FIFA 2010 – Rating **********
FIFA 2009 – Rating ********
Madden 2011 – Rating *********
Madden 2010 – Rating ********
NHL 2012 – Rating ************
NHL 2011 – Rating **********
Mass Effect 3 – Rating ********
Battlefield 3 – Rating ***********
Syndicate – Rating *******
SSX – Rating ***********
Need for Speed – Rating ******

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