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Amy Wilding

I recently visited my local Early Learning Centre store in the precinct and got my little boys a selection of books from a wide variety of publishers and was very happy with both the price I paid and the quality of the books in general.

I also got them a Leap Frog Leap Pad Explorer for £79.99 which is an interactive laptop like toy that helps them to learn whilst they read which is great and much better than just playing with toys.

I am now and always have been a happy Early Learning Centre customer and will be back soon for more bargains.

Peter Ansell

The item we got from the Early Learning Centre was a Bugs Jumbo Playmat which cost us in the region of £35.00 and was worth every penny.

The mat itself is very high in quality and easy to clean and keeps my little one very happy and engrossed for ages with its brilliant built in games.

The Early Learning Centre were also very quick to deliver the mat and we had it within a couple of days which is always nice rather than waiting around for weeks like in some cases.

We have always found the Early Learning Centre to be the best out there and this is exactly why we continue to use them again and again.

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