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2 Folsom Street
San Francisco
CA 94105
United States

800 333 7899

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Gail Hill

As I am four months pregnant I thought it was about time I got myself some maternity clothes as I was beginning to show my size and needed them more than ever.

I had been told about the Gap store website by my sister as she used them extensively when she was pregnant last year and swears by them so I thought why not and began to browse the items.

There was so much choice I was really amazed and could quite easily have spent a fortune if I didnt know better.

Had no problems with any of the items I ordered and they were delivered to me very quickly which is always nice.

I will certainly be back to shop on the Gap website again when I have had the baby as I noticed there was so many clothes I would love to have when I am my normal shape again.

Very happy girl.

Owen Roberts

I visited my local Gap store last month and was amazed with the selection of clothes they had for my twin toddlers and also the accessories for them.

I ended up spending a fortune in there the clothes were so well priced and snazzy which is not a bad thing as I got so much more for my money than I had ever expected.

The clothes I got are also very easily cleaned and are machine washable and allowed in the tumble dryer which is great for those quick changes after a long days play.

I could also see that there was a large amount of mens and womens clothes there too but as I was in a little bit of a rush I did not get the chance to browse them properly but I will be sure to have a good look the next time I am there.

Well done Gap you made mine and my kiddies day.

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