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Kim Rimmer

Myself and my finance recently moved in together and as we had lived at home for years at our parents we virtually had no furniture or anything so I had heard you could get a lot for your money at Ikea so I told Wayne and he agreed and we went there last Saturday.

We needed so many items I never thought I would get hardly any of them at Ikea but after seven crazy hours and a lot of helpful staff we had spent over two thousand pounds and got nearly everything we needed and had arranged delivery in two days time which was fantastic.

Everything was delivered on time and before long we has the flat exactly as we wanted it and I am beaming with happiness and am so glad I was told to go there.

I would definitely recommend the store to anyone looking for brilliant deals on home furnishing items as the range they have there is phenomenal.

Ikea I love you

Justin Toby

Myself and my girlfriend were in need of a new bed for some time now but we were holding out as we had been told not to buy one until we had visited our local IKEA store as my best friend had purchased a bed from there and was very happy.

So be bit our tongues for just over a month and then went to our local IKEA store in Warrington where we found they had a really good collection of beds at very good prices. We walked around the store and I might add we could have spent thousands in there there was that much good stuff until we finally found the bed of our choice.

We decided on a Nyvoll wooden framed bed which was priced at £179 and went to the checkout to place our order. The member of staff we spoke to who I believe was called Darren was extremely helpful and took our payment and arranged a day that the bed would be delivered.

We waited around seven days and then our bed arrived via DHL so we went about the process of putting it together which is not my strongest point as I am pretty useless at DIY. Even I found the step by step instructions very easy to follow and it was not long until the bed was up and ready to go.

Since we have had it I have had the best sleep I have had in years and I cannot stress how happy I was with the whole experience and will definitely be returning to IKEA again if there service continues to be as good as it was before.

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