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Mr Davis

We have had an American Size Freezer which we got from Laskys for about four months now and it has been superb throughout that time.

This is the latest of a long list of items we have purchased from this store as we have found it to be completely brilliant at everything and we have not had any type of issue with anything we have purchased from them like other stores whom we will not mention. The freezer we have got is so much better in real life than the image and details we were provided with on Laskys website as the sheer size of it is something you do not think of when ordering online.

There is so much space in the freezer that we could literally hold enough food to feed a small army and that is no lie. The freezer was delivered to us very quickly and arrived without a scratch on it and the guys even lifted it in the house and put it where we wanted which they earned a nice cup of tea from.

If I was ever to buy another freezer then I would certianly return to Laskys as they have never let us down and this is why we will keep using them. Highly recommended.

Simon Hammond

I got myself a new Dyson DC33 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner from the Laskys website as I had really wanted one for some time but had never really wanted to pay the silly price most shops sell them for but when I saw one for the £207 they were selling them for on the Laskys site I knew I just had to have one.

The Vacuum arrived very quickly without any delay and was in perfect working order and I must say it is the best move I have ever made.

I have been finding it increasingly harder to do the hoovering as our old hover had lost most of its suction over the years and I was always having to bend down into the corners with the hand held tube but once I started using the Dyson it easily picks up everything with no need to bend down at all which is fantastic.

I would recommend both the Laskys website and also the Dyson DC33 to anyone looking for great service and a brilliant product.

Mr Benyon

The Apple Mac I got from the Laskys website is absolutely phenomenal as was the service from the store from start to finish.

I ordered my new Mac as I had been having trouble with my PC desktop computer for a while and was sick of using PC computers due to this fact as well as having many fail in the past which really set me back in my work.

When the Mac arrived which I might add was very quickly from when I ordered it I was instantly impressed by the look of the computer as it was very stylish and did not take up half the space of my old system.

The Mac itself is the fastest machine I have ever had the pleasure of using and runs all of my programs perfectly without any struggle whatsoever which has helped me considerably.

The mouse is also much better than I have ever used before and does not pick up as much dirt as the old one which was always requiring cleaning after a short while.

Overall I am more than impressed with the item and the service I received and would definitely return to the Laskys website in the future.

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