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Tamzin Hallgrove

As we had just moved into our new house and did not have a dining table for the dining room we decided to go to our local MFI store to see what they on offer so we went there and were immediately amazed by the selection they had available.

After long deliberation we came to the decision to buy a Paris Glass & Chrome Pedestal Table which was £89.99 and four matching chairs which were another £160.00 making a total of £249.99 which we thought was great for such good quality items.

We did not need them to be delivered as we have our own transport so we took them home and set about putting them together. The table and chairs were very simple to put up and took us no more than an hour.

They look fantastic in our dining room and I am just really happy that we managed to get them for such a good price.

I will certainly be back MFI and thank you.

Dave Grimm

Just purchased one of the most comfortable office chairs I have ever had so thought I would give it a review.

I ordered a Beauvoir Executive Chair in Black Leather and Chrome for £179.00 and when it arrived unfortunately it had been damaged in transit. I contacted the customer service department and the lady that was helping my was incredibly pleasant and helpful and MFI had no problem in arranging for a replacement to be sent and the defective one to be collected.

Two days went by and then my new chair came and they took the defective one so I proceeded to put the new one together which was very simple and the instructions were very easy to follow. Once I had finished putting it together I could see that it was brilliant and was very comfortable.

I am really happy with my purchase and the way MFI dealt with my damaged item so will definitely be using their online store again without hesitation.

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