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Harry Wilton

I have been a happy and loyal Specsavers customer now for several years and have always received excellent service from them be it for my routine eye check ups or the glasses and contacts I buy from them.

The staff in the store are always very polite and helpful and do their job very professionally and always make me feel at home when I am there.

On my last check up I needed an extensive eye examination as I had been losing the clarity of vision in my left eye for a couple of months before and was becoming increasingly worried about it as at my age you cannot be too careful.

The examiner in Specsavers was very reassuring and really put me at ease about my problem and did a thorough examination of me which I am glad to say worked out fine as it was that one of my eyes was becoming weaker than the other but he explained it was nothing to worry about.

As a remedy the technician advised that I had one of my lenses changed to compensate for this loss so I would be able to see equally and also for my contact lenses and ever since then I have been back to my normal self and can see very well.

I am so thankful to Specsavers for the overall service they gave me whilst eliminating my worries along the way.

Linda Green

I have been a Spec Savers customer for years and have always found the service from them to be more than amicable and the staff to be very professional and friendly.

The eye tests are very comprehensive and they always furnish me with the exact glasses that suit my needs.

Spec Savers also have lots of deals on most of the time allowing you to get more for your money and are very well priced compared to other vendors in the industry.

Highly recommended.

Anwyn Hargreaves

I got a great deal at Specsavers last week when I got myself a new pair of FCUK 63 bifocal glasses for £99 from my local store.

The lady was very good in organizing my eye test which was free as long as I purchased the glasses after which saved me money which is always nice.

The glasses are really good quality and are very comfortable around my ears and nose.

Specsavers are brilliant for me and I have no problem recommending them to you.


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