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Matt Wilson

Our Thomas Cook Holiday Review

Having used Thomas Cook recently for the fisr time I was very impressed by the overall professionalism of the company as they were one of the best service providers I have used in the industry and I have used a lot.

From the moment I first went into the store I was made to feel at home and at ease and was asked a minimal of questions as I tried to find the holiday of my choice but all the same they managed to come up with a brilliant holiday to Cyprus for us.

The holiday itself was quite cheap overall and I was a little anxious as we paid so little but after going there and enjoying every aspect of the holiday I am more than satisfied as it was well simply superb. The hotel was great and had everything you could need, the staff were very helpful and friendly, the food was top drawer and the local area was one of the most entertaining we had ever stayed at.

The nightlife was brilliant with hundreds of restaurants and nightclubs on offer as well as many other activities such as midnight boat rides and magic shows.

I cannot recommend using Thompson Holidays enough to anyone looking for great service and product at a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere.

Mr and Mrs Charlton

Our Thompson Holiday Review

What a great holiday provider!

We have used Thompson for our annual holidays for the past few years and this year once again they surprised us by just how good the whole package was from start to finish.

we recently returned from Salou in Spain where we spent seven nights at the Q7 hotel which we found to be one of the best we have ever stayed at and we have stayed at many over the years.

The hotel was very well presented and spotlessly clean throughout and had a huge array of facilities for its guests. The rooms had everything you could need such as telephone, satellite television, iron, kettle and much more and was one of the mkost spacious and clean rooms we have ever slept in.

The hotel has great poolside entertainment all through the day and night with a large amount of shows to see from singers to comedians so there is always something to do of an evening if you decide to stay in.

They also have a BBQ each night for a surpluss cost but it is more than worth the cost as the food is spectacular and you have so much choice of items like burgers, hotdogs, steaks and much more.

We would definitely go back there next year and would book it through Thompson again without any hesitation and we cannot recommend this holiday provider enough.

Lucy Williams

Thompson Holiday Reviews

We have tried many holiday companies over the years and have had some that have disappointed us and some that have been great but we have found that none in the United Kingdom are better than Thompson holidays.

Each and every holiday we have booked through this company has been exactly as described and has not failed to impress us in any way. The hotels have always been spot on and the location exactly as described and we have had such a great time at every place we have been.

If Carlsberg did holiday companies then I am sure their company would be just like Thompson holidays and we would recommend them to each and every person who asks us.

Thank you Thompson.

Mrs Wilkes

We have been using Thompson Holidays for our annual holidays for many years and have always found them to be extremely good in every aspect from arranging the holiday to delivering great service on it.

This year we have just returned from two weeks in south Portugal and have had the most fantastic holiday ever.

The accommodation was simply stunning and was very clean and modern looking and the staff were so helpful and good at what they did.

The area we visited was very good as well and was packed with things to do and excursions and we really did have the best time ever.

I cannot recommend Thompson Holidays enough to anyone wanting great value for their money without having to worry if they will deliver.


Gaz Richards

I have just returned from a two week holiday in Dalaman in Turkey which I booked through Thompson holidays and thought I would share my experience with you. On the day of our arrival we were picked up from the airport as planned and were promptly transferred to our hotel which from the outside did not look as good as the brochures but was not the worst I have ever seen by a long way. We then proceeded to reception to book ourselves in to the hotel and the receptionist was very nice and helpful and arranged a porter to take our suitcases up to our room.

When I first saw our rooms I was very surprised just how clean they were and well presented as by the way the front of the hotel had looked a bit worn I was not expecting too much from inside the rooms but it was actually very very well kept. We then proceeded to settle into our room and then as we were quite hungry at that time went downstairs to the restaurant. Again I was very surprised by the cleanliness of the restaurant and also by the extensive array of foods that they had on offer. We chose our food and went to the table to eat, once I started eating I was so happy as the food was out of this world and I have never had hotel food that was this good abroad, it was just beautiful.

After dinner we walked around the grounds of the hotel to see what was on offer and there was a large variety of activities available which I was sure to keep us busy. So we proceeded to go to bed for the night as we were both very tired , during the night we did not hear a sound and slept like babies which is unusual for a tourist resort but I wont complain.

The town we were staying at was very nice and had brilliant things to do and the two weeks flew by and before we knew it it was time to go home. We had the best holiday I could have hoped for and we cannot thank Thompson holidays enough for being true to their word and giving us the time of our lives.

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