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Jack Williams

I have been using the Woolworths website since their high street stores closed their doors a few years back and have found it to be very good in every way.

The last item I got myself from them was a 3 Burner Gas BBQ with side tables which set me back £209 including delivery and it is well worth what I paid for it and has been very useful. The delivery was virtually within three days which was perfect and it was well package and had good instructions.

That is just one item I have got as I use the store regularly and have never had any problem.

Great website and great service so 10/10 from me

Carla Hodge

I have just received my new fridge freezer from Woolworths and am very happy with the service I have received and the item itself.

We had been using a small worktop fridge for the past few months which was completely useless and really struggled to keep any type of good temperature so we ordered a Indesit fridge freezer with a stainless steel finish for just shy of £400.00 which was the cheapest price for the model on any website.

The delivery did not take as long as I thought and was delivered after only a couple of days and we are extremely happy with it.

I would highly recommend Woolworths and the only shame is that they no longer have high street stores or I would probably be in there every day.

Excellent work all round Woolworths

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