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Mr Giles

My Asda Experience

I recently purchased two electrical items from my local Asda store and after now having them for the past four weeks I can happily say that I am more than happy with both of them as they are exactly what I expected them to be and I have had no problems whatsoever.

The first item was a thirty two inch lcd television and I have to say that when I first put it on I was very shocked at just how good the picture was even though it was high definition anyway. It also has very good sound quality so that when I am watching a film I really do feel as though I am actually there.

The second item I purchased was a deep fat fryer and although it can be difficult to clean for the price I am also very happy with this item. It does its job perfectly and is just what I needed as I have had many problems with fryers over the years so having a reliable one has been brilliant.

I would without a doubt recommend electrical items purchased from Asda as they are exactly as described but also much better than you would expect so I would advise you to try them out if you have the time.

Karen Worster

My Asda Shopping Review

Asda for me is the best supermarket in the country and I have always found them to be so much better than the rest that I have been a regular there for many years as it is such good value for money.

They always have great deals such as there three for ten pounds on fresh meat products which saves so much money over the long term. I also like there fresh pizza section where you can get two ten inch pizzas freshly made with three topping on each for four pounds which is incredible and they taste so good.

Another great benefit of Asda is their price comparison offers they have where you can compare you receipts online and they will refund the difference if you have paid less elsewhere. Another great offer they have is the five pounds back offer when you spend over forty pounds which I fully take advantage of each week which gives me a saving of two hundred and sixty pounds a year which is very useful.

The clothing range in Asda is also very good and the George clothes may cheap but in no way do they lack any sort of quality and I regularly purchase my work clothes from this range.

If you have never been to Asda then I would say go there this week and do your shopping as I would bet my life you would not be disappointed in any way.

Nicola Scott

Asda Shopping

There is a reason that Asda is the UK`s best supermarket andyou know why? because they always have the best stuff and service. I have tried all of the major supermarkets over the years and many of them are ok for a while and then I find myself getting bored with their choice or lack of quality in some

This though is never true about Asda as I can honestly say I have never had a problem with anything I have purchased from there and have enjoyed everything that I have purchased there. Asda have a much larger choice of products and thats a fact and for what I can get at other supermarkets I can get a lot more for less at Asda.

My local Asda also stocks electrical equipment such as televisions, consoles and house electricals and some of the items they have on offer are so good for value it amazes me how they can provide this service. The staff are also always very helpful with a smile on their face which is rare in this day in age and seem to always know where everything is when you need to know.

I always take advantage on their 3 for £10 deals on fresh meats as they are great value cosidering the price of fresh meat. We love Asda and would not be without it anyday.

Wendy Hughes


By far the best supermarket in the united Kingdom.

I visit my local Asda store on no less than three occassions a week and love every minute of the place as having tried all the other supermarkets out there I have always found Asda to be by far the cheapest and have the best service out of all of them.

They have so many offers each day such as buy one get one free or three for ten pounds on selections of meats which makes it so much easier to get everything your family needs for the week which in this day in age is essential with money being so tight.

I sometimes make use of their great home delivery service on occassions that I cannot go out and this service is great all round and saves so much time and for such a small price.

If you do not shop at Asda already then I advise you to get down there today and save yourself a small fortune on the same products you would buy elsewhere.

Sandra Davids

I have been shopping at Asda for as long as I can remember and the reason for this is they are the best supermarket chain in the United Kingdom in my opinion and I have always found them to be the best on price whilst offering the best food products. I love the way they offer so much more choice than any of their competitors and this may be down to their stores always seeming to be larger than other supermarkets.

One of the main reasons I go there apart from the obvious financial benefits is that I love their extra special range such as their lasagnes, cannelloni, cottage pie and Sheppard’s pie and many other ready meals as being a bachelor of many years I don’t have much time to cook meals from scratch so these ready meals are always there to feed me when I need them.

The taste of them is fantastic and I am yet to find any that I do not enjoy hence why I keep buying them week in week out. Another great benefit of Asda over the other supermarkets is that they produce their own fresh bread each day which is absolutely delicious and by far better than any other that is offered anywhere else. The staff at Asda are also always very helpful and have no problem reaching for items high on shelves for me and so on or guiding me to items I cannot find which is always of benefit.

I have also made full advantage of the Asda clothing range for socks and so on as they are very cheaply priced without losing the quality. All in all Asda have been brilliant for me for many years and as long as they keep up this brilliant work I will remain a loyal and happy customer.

Mrs Gillis

I always see the benefit of shopping at my local Asda store as it is by far the best priced supermarket around and believe me I have done the rounds over the years and shopped at all of them.

I really like their range of home made meals such as their extra special range of shepards pies, cottage pies, lasagne, cannelloni and all the others as the taste is fantastic and they are again great value.

I also very much enjoy their George range of clothing as you can get really good value and top quality clothing at some of the best prices around which again is a great benefit to the store.

I even use Asda for my petrol as they are again much cheaper than their rivals.

We love Asda

Leah Jones

I have been shopping at Asda for years and have always found them to be the best supermarket around as they always have extensive offers like two for one or buy two get one free which can be of such a benefit when doing the weekly shop.

I really like there three for ten pound offers they have on items like double packs of mince beef or chickens etc as it is really good value.

I am very happy with Asda and will continue to be a loyal customer as long as they keep up the good work.

Thanks Asda you are great

Gareth Davids

I have been a customer of Asda for years as they have for most part been my local store ever since I was a child.

We have had the other supermarkets come to town but I have remained an Asda customer as I have tried them all a couple of times but have never felt at home as I do in Asda so I have always gone straight back.

Well done Asda


[…] Asda (22 votes) […]

Glenda Johnson

The item I would like to review is the Red Kite Push Me Uno Midnight Black Stroller Pram from Asda which cost me £135.00

I have found this pram to be excellent and extremely high quality and one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of using. The materials used are very durable and easy to clean which is a god send after having Jack eating his lunch in it on our days out.

I was also very happy with the service that I received from Asda as they were very helpful throughout.

Excellent all round.

Derrick Potter

Been a customer of Asda since I was a lad.

Always had excellent service and the best food items from them.

Price is always good and by far the best in my area.

I highly recommend Asda


Derrick from London

Lee Normans

I really enjoy shopping in my local Asda store, I enjoy the fact that I can always go in there first thing in the morning and always find exactly what I want at a very good price.

I find their range of foods to be fantastic and the George clothing range has provided me with excellent school uniforms for my two boys. The stuff I get from Asda is always top quality and if ever there is anything faulty the really do do their best to arrange a swap or provide a refund, they are really good with solving problems.

Its nice to have a cup of tea in the cafe as well whilst waiting for the taxi home and it is fairly cheap n their as well, wish the taxi was that cheap.

Highly recommend Asda to all

Tony Crane

Having been a twice weekly customer of Asda for many years I still enjoy going there just as much as the first day I ventured in there.

I always seem to find the products I like at much reduced prices compared to other supermarkets and I always get much more for my money.

I also really enjoy the food at the cafe inside the store and it is really nice once I have done my shopping to be able to store my trolley in the cabinets provided while I sit down and enjoy a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

Asda you are brilliant so please please keep up the good work.

Simon Seddon

I have been a firm fan of Asda for many years and regularly visit my local store at least twice a week or more if needed. I use Asda as I always end up getting so much more for my money than any of the other supermarkets out there.

What I really like about my local Asda store is that they have so many offers like BOGOF or Three For Two offers as well as others and they seem to always discount not only the new ranges but also the well known brands like PG Tips and McCain.

I will always be a valued customer of Asda as long as they continue the excellent service they have been providing me with as for me they are by far the best around.

Robbie Dilgar

Item Purchased – Ascot Walnut Bedroom Set

Price – £307.00

Ordered this bedroom set from Asda Direct and am very happy with what I received and would like to recommend this product to anyone wishing for high quality and well priced bedroom furniture. The furniture has a really smooth chunky walnut finish and is visually stunning with its classic grain effect and colour. The wardrobe is fairly well sized and holds quite a lot and also the chest of drawers seem to hold more than I thought.

The product was very easily assembled and took next to no time to put together and took me about 2 hours to do the lot. For the price I paid I am very very happy and hope you get the chance to enjoy this excellent item too.

Gwyn Symmons

Being a Asda customer for many years I would like to tell people just how good Asda are on a wide variety of aspects. I generally do my shopping at my local store twice a week as I only have a small kitchen and am only buying for myself as I live at home.

I find that Asda have some of the best prices out of all the supermarkets and they also seem to offer many deals in store such as buy one get one free and half price selections which can save you a lot of money over the long run. the staff are always really friendly and helpful and seem like they will bend over backwards for you. Another great aspect of the Asda service is the home delivery option which is extremely handy if you are stuck at home and do not have the time to shop yourself.

I injured my hip last year and was house bound for just shy of six weeks so I used the home delivery service quite a lot. I found using their website very simple and I could still get all of the products I wanted without exception. I had heard from many people that the Asda home delivery service was not that good as they did not seem to have all the products you have ordered but my experience of this was the complete opposite.

Each time I ordered home delivery I always got all of the items I had ordered without exception so was very happy with the service. I was that happy that I even tipped the driver a couple of times which is not usually like me. Overall I would highly recommend Asda as they are really professional and a credit to their industry.

Keith Twist

Hi there, I came across this website when was looking for a review site for the BBC and noticed you have a listing for Asda so thought I would let you know my feelings on this company. I have been a loyal Asda customer for many years now as having tried all of the other supermarkets in the United Kingdom at one time or another I find Asda are by far the best not just for price but for the variety of products they supply.

The best thing I find about Asda apart from the obvious price and range issue is that I know I can visit their store and know exactly where I am going for certain items which makes shopping as a whole that much easier. In other supermarkets I always noticed that you could go in one week and a product was on aisle 2 and then the next week it would be on aisle 18 which can be quite confusing and I spent most of my time asking members of staff where these items were. This has always annoyed me and I do realise things need to be moved but in many cases especially at Tesco it always seems like a complete reshuffle each week.

It is so annoying for me so now I just stick to Asda as I know exactly where I am. The staff at Asda are also very helpful and have no problem reaching high items for me where my back will not allow me to get them myself. On the product ranges I find Asda far superior to their competitors and they also offer many more deals than their counterparts so I always get more for my money.

Great job Asda, keep up the good work.

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