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Mark Sargent

Tesco Shop Review

I have been using both the Tesco and the Tesco Direct website for some time now and have found them so good that I decided to take the time out to write this review as I feel I can give a fairly honest opinion of them. I have never had any problem or faulty product or anything from either of these websites and have found their service to be impecible and very professional.

Over the past five years I would say I have probably spent about four thousand pounds from the Tesco Direct website as I have purchased televisions, stereo`s, irons, toasters and a wide variety of toher items during this time. Out of all of these I have had a small issue with one which was the toaster but this was only because I ordered a two slice rather than a four slice. As soon as I noticed this mistake I contacted the customer care department and then was greeted by an extremely helpful gentleman who was only to glad to arrange for this item to be replaced.

The level of customer service was brilliant and many other retailers should take a leaf out of Tesco Directs book on that one. I always do my weekly food shop at my local tesco because out of all the supermarkets I have used I find their products more agreeable and with the meeting of my needs. They are very cheap on price and I really like their fresh bread and cake sections. I would have no trouble whatsoever in recommending Tesco to all who want the best quality and service.

Paul Crestwell

I have been a loyal customer of Tesco for many years as they always provide me with excellent service and items and I never usually fail to get what I want in their store.

I have noticed that the prices have increased slightly over the past few months but over all they are still giving me a great deal for what I pay. I really like the selection of freshly baked breads and cakes at my local Tesco especially the Danish pastries and find them much nicer than other supermarkets.

Tesco are my current petrol provider as well being the closest to me but they are still cheaper than anyone else near me.

All in all I would definitely recommend Tesco to all.

Keith Chan

I recently bought myself a new Acer Aspire 1 D257 Netbook from Tesco Direct and have been very happy with both the service I received and the price I paid. The service I got from Tesco was excellent as the member of staff in the shop was very helpful and took quite a bit of time showing me all the features of my item which was very handy indeed. The actual netbook looks very slick and modern and has a lovely shiny finish.

It seems to run very quickly and does all of the tasks I need without fail so again I am very happy with what I have purchased. Brilliant product and brilliant service is the reason I will be returning to Tesco again and again.

Mark fawlty

Purchased a brand new Tom Tom XXL Classic WEU Satellite Navigation System from Tesco Direct and have never been happier with what I received. I managed to order the sat nav on the Sunday via the Tesco website and then was very happy when on the Tuesday morning when I received a knock on the door from the postman.

The sat nav was in perfect condition when it arrived and was fairly easy to set up and follow the set up instructions and has been a great and helpful friend to me. I use the sat nav for work as I deliver goods for a living so am constantly getting lost before I brought it but now I am never lost and it has been one of the best buys I have ever made.

I will sure recommend Tesco Direct to all who require brilliant service and product.

George Graham

Product review for Flymo Chevron 37c Electric Rotary Lawnmower.

Price £136.00

Purchased from Tesco Direct

Had this lawnmower now for about six months and it has done a really really good job for me and my lawn has never looked so good since I have had it.

The lawnmower is extremely easy to set up and the step by step instructions are written in a very simple fashion so a child could put it together. It took me around 30 minutes to put together then a further 10 minutes reading the instructions and I was ready to go.

When I first started using it my grass was quite long so it seemed as if it was struggling to cut it until I realised I had it on the wrong setting but once I had adjusted it it was like cutting through butter with a hot knife and was fantastic. I did my whole lawn in around an hour and that was going over it twice which was incredible and much better than my previous mower which took forever.

I am very happy with my purchase and even more happy with the price I paid so will definitely be using Tesco Direct again without fail.

Leon Hollis

For many years I was a Sainsbury`s customer as that was the nearest store to me until last year we finally got a Tesco store in our town so I thought I would give them a go and see what all the fuss was about. So the next weekend I decided to go to Tesco to do my shopping and in hindsight am so glad that I actually did!

When I first walked into the store I noticed immediately how nice looking it was and how many more staff they had than my usual supermarket and also that they had a lot more tills lined up for customers than Sainsburys. Another thing I noticed straight away was just how many offers and promotions they had on such as buy one get one free and three for ten pounds and so on. The aisles were were tidy as well and there seemed to be endless rows of food throughout the store.

Once I had all of the items I required I went to the till and was very sceptical about the price as I expected to be paying more for my items but to my great surprise I actually paid £3.72 less than I would of at Sainsburys. I was very pleased about this and I have been a Tesco customer ever since.

My overall experience at Tesco has been excellent and I do not think I would ever leave them as a customer now and would like to thank them for coming to our town. All I can do is advise you to check them out as you may find yourself pleasantly surprised just how good they are.

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