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Mrs Loudryson

Iceland for me are the United Kingdoms best frozen food retailer as the selection of foods they have on offer and the deals in store are some of the best I have ever seen and each time we go there we end up saving much more than any other supermarket we have ever been to.

There frozen food ranges are simply superb and we can get everything we need for much cheaper than anywhere else which is always of a great benefit.

Our local store also has a great selection of ambient foods and dry goods also such as cheese, fresh meats, crisps and beers so we need not go anywhere else to get everything we need each week which not only saves time and effort but also money which we can now put in use for other things such as bingo.

I am a very happy Iceland customer and if you have never tried going there before I would advise you to get to your local store the next time you are shopping as you will be sure to be pleasantly surprised.

I hope this helps you.

Mrs Faray

Iceland Shopping

I am a mother of four and have been using Iceland for most of the time I have had the kids as with a limited budget we find you can get so many great deals on offer at my local store that I am able to get everything I need to keep the little tykes happy.

I like the fact that Iceland is extremely convenient for me as I have a hectic life trying to work and keep four children at the same time so as it is so close to me and has all I need I find it to be essential to me everyday life. I love the ready meal deals they have on offer there I think its usually five for £7 which I feel is remarkable as they are very good in quality and taste lovely.

There is also a great deal of deserts, cakes and ice creams from companies like catre dor and Walls which the kids love and is always a winner after dinner as I like to say. My local Iceland also stock a lot of ambient foods like cheese, ham and milk so I really can get everything I need even toilet paper.

All in all I do not know where I would be without Iceland and I am just so happy they are so close to me.

Molly Davies

Iceland Shopping Review

I have been a happy Iceland customer for several years now and for the time I have been shopping there I have never been disappointed in any way by the service or the products as they are both simply superb.

As I have three young children and on a tight budget I always look for the best deals when it comes to feeding my little ones and at Iceland I seem to get so much more for my money which is always a bonus.

I particularly like their five for ten pounds range on ready meals which are always lovely to eat and very useful after a long hard day doing the housework and are easy to do.

They also have a great selection of ambient foods such as meats, cheeses and crisps and so on so I no longer need to go to another supermarket to get the items I need which again is great.

I cannot recommend Iceland enough to all the mothers and families out there and they are brilliant all round.

Jennifer Bright

Iceland Shopping Reviews

I have been a customer of Iceland now for many years due to the fact that being a mother of five children I always need to get the best value for money I can as you well know times have been hard these last few years.

I have always found the food at Iceland to be not only cheap but also of great quality and they always seem to have so many great offers on such as three for two and two for one and many multiple deals on meals.

Whenever I have had to do birthday parties for the kids Iceland makes it possible to get as much stuff as you could need for a fraction of the price of many other supermarkets and this is always very beneficial to me as five birthday parties a year can become quite costly to say the least.

I also like the fact that I can have my good delivered to my home as long as I spend over a certain amount which is great when you have other shopping to do.

If you have kids then I would recommend going to Iceland if you have never been before as you will be pleasantly surprised just how good they are.


[…] Iceland (115 votes) […]

Henry Witherspoon

I love Iceland and it is by far my favourite food shop as they have so much on offer when compared to other supermarkets and have brilliant deals every time I visit the store.

I catered for a BBQ last weekend and got all my burgers and sausages and so on from the store and I only spent about £25 to feed eight people which I thought was fantastic.

Great stuff Iceland.


Harry Eccles

Iceland have always been my favourite supermarket and I have been going there for many years with my wife.

They have a very good range of foods that are very good value for the price charged.

The staff in our local store are always very helpful and always smiling and do not have any problem reaching the items up the top of the shelves for us which is nice.

I would highly recommend Iceland for both value and service.

Top marks from Me

Edna Selby

10/10 for price

10/10 for product

10/10 for service

10/10 for everything

As you can see I love Iceland

I am a weekly shopper at Iceland and dont know how I would have survived during the recession without them with the kids.

Even through the hard times I was able to buy the kids the little treats they deserved without breaking the budget.

Brilliant and I will always be a customer.

Alicia Hill

Product – 1200w Norfrost C6AEW Chest Freezer

Price – £169.99

I was in need of an additional freezer for our house as with summer coming up and the kids being home for six weeks I felt I needed some ore space for all the food as I would not have much time for shopping during that period.

I was on my way to Iceland that day any way as I needed to top up the supplies for the weekend so when I got there and remembered that they actually sold freezers I was so happy as it would definitely save me time.

The young man that helped me was extremely good and arranged for delivery for the following day.

I have had the freezer now for six weeks and it is perfect and does exactly what I need and is very very cold when on full. It was that cold I could not even break the ice cubes out of the holders so I had to turn it down.

Overall I am very happy with the whole experience and will remain a loyal Iceland customer.

Glen Higgins

Hi I have had two young boys now for many years and have had to provide for many parties over those years as well as home functions with our local friends and can say I always find Iceland is great value for money indeed.

Whenever I need to arrange the catering of a function or my general food shopping I know I can get most of the things I need for a great price and mostly end up saving money each time than if I visited one of the other chains. I particularly enjoy the frozen mini cream cake selection that they have available as the are just lovely of an afternoon.

I have always remained being an Iceland customer and will continue to be obe as long as they maintain the excellent service.

Harry Eccles

After agreeing for my daughter to host her own summer party for her friends I was required to provide enough party food for twenty one young teenagers and having heard excellent reports about Iceland I decided to visit my local store.

When I arrived at the store I instantly found all of the items I needed as well as many other things that I had not even considered before.

I ended up getting so much food it was crazy and I was dreading getting to the checkout but when I did I was so surprised by the price I nearly fell over. I mean by this not for the reason of it being so expensive but rather that it was way below what I had expected to pay for so much food and drink, it was brilliant.

The party went down really well and so did the food and I was and still am the best dad in the world, well until she wants something else hey.

I would highly recommend Iceland to all of you who are planning a party for your kids or friends as you get some of the best value for money I have ever seen.

Jake Hales

For years I have been a loyal customer of Iceland for the simple reason that they offer one of the best selections of food out of all the super market chains and are extremely well priced to boot. They seem to have everything I want and being a single unemployed man with not much money to spare I really value the prices that Iceland put on their products.

Even though their food is so low priced it does not lack in flavour or quality and tastes just as good as any other food and I can get a weeks shop easily on the money I have which is essential for me.

I think I would probably struggle if Iceland closed tommorow so long live Iceland and hope you last forever.

P Wilson

I was arranging my sons tenth birthday party and was told by one of my close friends to take a visit to Iceland rather than using my usual supermarket as she advised me they had much better deals for parties than any of the shops available.

I was very sceptical of this as I am generally an Asda customer and have been for years but once I had arrived at my local Iceland I was very impressed by the selection they had and the price of the items. they seemed to have hundreds of offers available which included bogof and three for two and so on and the buffet food and cakes they had were very tempting indeed.

I managed to do all the food for thirty kids and still have lots left over for just over £40 which was excellent and more than I ever thought I would get for that amount. It was just a real pleasure to visit Iceland and I will sure be back for more.

Gareth Gobblin

Having been an Iceland customer for many years I am so glad that they have kept the quality in their products whilst other supermarkets seemed to have dropped theirs in favour of slashing prices. I have always loved the selection of foods that are available at Iceland as they have one of the best ranges of frozen foods that are perfect for every day consumption or buffets and parties.

They have a great selection of childrens sweets and icecreams that are very reasonably priced and you do get so much for your money.

The staff are always very friendly and helpful and offer great assistance when it is required. I will remain an Iceland customer as long as they keep up this good service and advise you all to have a look when you have the time.

Lindy Garner

Being a mother of three I always see the value of getting the best for my money in regards to kids snacks and so on and over the years I have learnt that there is no better place to get this value than Iceland.

I have always found that Iceland have one of the best ranges of party and BBQ food of any of the supermarket chains that are some of the lowest prices of any of them. I particularly like the section where they offer a complete meal for 4, desert and starter of your choice for £10 which is again great value for what you pay. I also like the fact that the staff in my local store are very helpful and do not hesitate to help with the kids if they end up running off which I have never seen at another supermarket store.

Overall I just love Iceland as they just provide me with so many more options for my money which is a blessing in our day in age.


I love shopping at Iceland, it is by far one of the most affordable shops to buy my families shopping. I used to use there online shopping system, I wish they still offered this service as it was an Extra Reason to do my Monthly shopping with them.

I think the offers in Store are unbeatable with lots of Buy One Get One Free Offers, this saves me lots of money on my shopping budget.

Well Done Iceland Frozen Foods.

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