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The Hughes Family

Our Comet Shopping Experience

Recently purchased a fridge freezer from Comet and found the experience as good as could be expected. I order via the website as the deal they had on offer was great value and they offered free delivery to my home.

They were very quick to deliver as I think it arrived about three days after I ordered it which
I did not mind as I was in no real hurry. When they delivered it the delivery guys put it exactly where I wanted it and gave me the usual spiel of how not to switch it on for 24 hours due to the gas canisters which I already knew but its good to see they are telling people just incase which shows a degree
of customer care.

So far the fridge freezer has worked fine and exactly what i wanted so I am more than happy with my purchase.


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Will O`Malley

I recently purchased a new Sony HDRTD10ESDI.YG 3D Memory Card Camcorder from Comet and extremely happy with my purchase.

The staff were incredibly helpful in showing me all of the functions of the camera and they spent quite a lot of time with me which was really nice. The camera is just perfect and the footage quality I get from it is out of this world and well worth every penny I paid.

I would definitely return to Comet again as the whole experience was very relaxed and satisfying.

Great work

Rachel Petch

My little girl was having a sleep over party with a few of her friends and rather than just buying them a DVD for the night which usually only lasts for a couple of hours I decided to buy them an GEAR4 XFactor Party Karaoke set which cost me £42.99 from Comet.

The karaoke machine was an instant hit with the kids and I did not even have a hard time getting them to bed as they were that exhausted after a couple of hours singing away on it. A real good buy and will be sure to entertain the kids and you can even have a go with them yourself like me.

Great buy and well worth the money.

Craig Coleman

Item review for a Indesit IWB71250 Start Washing Machine I purchased from Comet.

I ordered the washing machine via the online service and arranged delivery to my home which was set for the Friday afternoon the following week.

On the Thursday I was called away on urgent work business so there was nobody at my house the following day to collect my delivery. I contacted Comet first thing in the morning and explained the situation and asked if I could rearrange the delivery for the Monday and they were very understanding and managed to do what I asked.

I was very impressed how the young lady was so professional and really seemed like she wanted to help which is a rarity these days.

Anyway when the washing machine arrived the delivery men put it in my kitchen for me and it was pretty standard to plum in.

The machine itself is great and does a brilliant job without putting out a lot of noise either which is a great bonus.

I would say my experience with Comet has been top notch and would certainly use them again.

Samual Gorton

Item reviewing – Panasonic TX-P42XT50B 42″ Plasma 3D Smartviera 600hz Television.

Price – £499.99

Item rating – 9/10

Comet service – 9/10

Purchased this television last month and would like to say that it is so good I wish I had got it so much sooner. It is of the best quality and really shows the difference from a cheaper model like I used to have.

The team at my local Comet store were incredibly helpful and explained all the features of the television so I knew exactly what I was getting and they were very accurate in all they told me.

If you like a good quality television at a good price they I would like to advise you all to have a look at this product as it is totally excellent in every way.


Reggie Taylor

Review for Belling baby Bell 321R Mini Kitchen Hobb.

Price £234.88

Excellent Mini Kitchen Hobb from Belling which in my mind is worth every penny of the two hundred pounds I paid for it. It is extremely economical and easy to locate and holds its heat very well and is perfect id you tend to move around a lot.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone needing a product of this type as it will not disappoint you in the slightest.

Thanks Comet

Joseph Burns

Just over two months ago I purchased a brand new Dyson DC24 Bagless Upright Cleaner from Comet which cost me £369.99 which is a very competitive price when compared to other high street retailers.

From the moment I got this hoover I could tell what they money had purchased as it was far superior to any other vacuum cleaner I had ever had and picked up much more dirt than ever before. it was also very easy to assemble and disassemble which made cleaning it after use much more simple.

The hoover looks extremely slick when compared to other models also which is a great benefit and I really enjoy showing it off to my friends. I would definitely recommend this hoover from Comet to anyone who requires a high quality performance from their hoover.

Amanda Jones

This is a review of an BEKO WMB71642W 1600 Spin Washing Machine from Comet as I would like to help you when making your decision on whether to buy this item. The item is very good looking and looks very sturdy and durable and also looks very modern with its digital display feature.

The machines itself is extremely quiet for a washing machine and it holds much more than my previous machine. It features thirteen washing modes which are all good for cleaning various types of materials such as cotton, nylon and wool.

For the price I paid which was £229.99 I am extremely happy with my purchase and will definitely be using BEKO and Comet again in the future.

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