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Sandra Dourtree


Easyjet for me are the best international flight company in the world today and I have always had the best experience using them over there competitors.

I find their prices to be some of the best around and there are always enough flights available to you that you never find it hard to book the flight you need if you are in a rush.
The Easyjet website is also very easy to use even for the novice and you can now even book flights on your mobile phone using their latest mobile app which again is very beneficial to say the least.

If you are looking for budget flights that do not compromise qualities then I would recommend you visit Easyjet as they are not only very well priced but are also incredibly professional in every way.

Lara Torst

My Easyjet Customer Review

I have had several experiences with easyjet over the years as due to work I participate in a lot of international travelling and use Easyjet a lot due to the cheap prices and great service.
Not once have I ever had any type of problem when dealing with Easyjet and find their staff to be some of the politest and helpful I have experienced of flight attendents.

The food is also very good on their flights and much better than their competitors and you are always able to get anything you wish within reason during the flights.

It is also very easy to book via Easyjet as their website is very easy to follow and get to grips with which is always of a great benefit.

In my eyes I cannot recommend easyjet enough and I will continue to use them as long as they maintain this exceptionally high standard.

Liam Hughes

Easyjet Reviews

I recently went to Amsterdam for a stag do and decided to book my flight through Easyjet as Liverpool is the closest airport to me.

I visited the Easyjet website and found it very easy to you and it did not take me long to find exactly what I was looking for. I paid for the flight £26 each way which I thought was brilliant and considering the mileage I could not really get my around how they could offer flights so cheap.

Once I had booked I was asked to input my passport number into their automated system so I could pass through check in faster and was then advised if I wanted to skip check in I should once again enter my details and then print off my boarding passes before I went to the airport which of course I did.

When I arrived at the airport all I need to do was go to my gate and then provide the attendant with my boarding pass and the whole process from start to finish including my luggage check took about twenty five minutes.

On the flight the staff were very helpful and relaxing and made us feel very comfortable throughout our flight which was a great help as I hate flying as it is.

On the return trip it was exactly the same as the way out and before we knew it we had landed back in Liverpool airport without any hassle whatsoever.

I think Easyjet are great value for money and I will most certainly be using them again without a shadow of a doubt.

Top marks Easyjet and thanks.

Leon Field

I use Easyjet for most of my business flights and use them lets say seven times a month whilst commuting around the world.

I have always found their service to be very good and have never been delayed or had my flights cancelled like I have had with other flight vendors and it has been very beneficial to me indeed.

I always find the flight attendants to be very pleasant and helpful and really do go that extra mile to make you feel comfortable.

I will definitely continue to use Easyjet as long as they keep up the excellent service.

Paul Davies

Last month I had some bad news when I was told that my father who lived in Amsterdam was seriously ill and that my mother thought I should go over to them to see my father. Once I had heard this I decided I needed to book a flight as soon as possible so I promptly visited the Easyjet website as I had used them before and had no problems. I went ahead and booked my flight which was due out of Liverpools John Lennon airport at 6.05am on the Monday morning.

On arrival I was told unfortunately that my flight had been cancelled and that there was no more due until the following day from that airport. I was extremely upset by this and asked to speak to some type of manager so I could try and remedy my problem.

When the manager arrived I could tell he must have been on a long shift as he looked really tired and worn out so I did not hold much hope of him helping me. thankfully I was very wrong and after I had explained my situation he told me to leave it to him for five minutes and he would see what he could do. When he returned he told me that he had arranged for me to be on a flight that was leaving at 11.50am from Manchester if I wanted to be on it and even told me that Easyjet would pay for my coach transfer over to Manchester which I thought was incredible.

I made my flight in Manchester and managed to see my father before he passed away so I am so thankful to the team at Easyjet for helping me as without them I may have missed my only chance to see him. This level of customer service I have never experienced before and I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to them.

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