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Build Center

Contact Details:

Build Center Ltd
Harrison Way
Spa Park
Royal Leamington Spa
CV31 3HH

0800 529 529

Direct Build Center Website:

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Mr Hughton

My Review of The Build Center

Being a builder of many years I have always found that shopping around is an essential part of giving my customers the best price for their work and the key to this is finding the very best deal on the items I need to complete their work.

After many years of trying all the building suppliers I finally decided that the Build Center is by far the best supplier of building products in the United Kingdom today. Everytime I go there the staff are always very helpful and friendly and know exactly what you need when you ask them.

The staff also do their best to offer you the very best prices for the items as well which can be very helpful if you have an account like me and use a lot of items as this can literally save you thousands of pounds each year.

There website is very useful as on occasion when you are working away on a project you need to find the nearest depot and this is made so much easier by visiting their website as you just type in the post code and it shows you all the depots in your area which is great. The website also has many sections full of building information which comes in handy on many occasions and I love it. Keep up the good work Build Center.

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