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Kevin Philps

Jewsons Review

Over the past few weeks I have been repaving the back of my house as over time the stone slabs had become discoloured and to be honest pretty shabby so I decided that they needed replacing.

My first point of call for obtaining the new slabs and equipment for the job was Jewsons as I have always used them for my building products as they are not only great on price but also their staff do their very best to help you as much as they possibly can. I have found that Jewsons are by far the most competitive on price and quality and offer free deliver services for orders over £50 which is very helpful.

I have visited their website on a couple of occasions and have found it to be highly informative and easy to use and I find it to be very advantageous to have a great resource like this on offer. I would highly recommend Jewsons without any hesitation and also their website.

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