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Mike Rousten

Cambridge University was never on my shortlist of universities to study at but after great recommendations by friends of the fmaily who had studied there I was eventually talked around to going there to study economics and after the three years I have just had I cannot thank those people and the university enough.

From the moment I arrived on campus I was immediately impressed and in awe of the wonderful facilities that were on offer such as the sports facilities and student accommodation which was absolutely fantastic and very clean.

The lessons were taught in a brilliant way also with each and every tutor I had being one of the best in their fields and you could tell this straight from the off as they had some of the ebst teaching methods I have ever experienced. If you are looking for the best university a few years ago I would not have thought of mentioning Cambridge but after going there for so long I cannot recommend the establishment enough to any future students.

Lyle Feederson

Cambridge University Review

I have been at Cambridge University now for a year and half and ever since I have been here I have loved it and have made some great friends along the way.

I have been taking a finance course and have found that the tutors really do care about helping you get the best grades possible and are always on hand to offer extra help when it is required which is always a great benefit.

The student accommodation is also very good and is clean and tidy and very modern rather than some dingy old lodgings I had to stay in at college before I came here.

They also have some of the best leisure facilities I have ever seen and it is just like living in a little town as it has everything that you could possibly want such as shops, swimming pool, and gym to name a few.

There are also great after lesson activities on offer to students so no matter what the day is like there is always something to get on with in between your studies.

This is the best experience of my life so far and the best thing about it is I have another three and a half years here so I am very happy and would advise you to come here to if you are looking for quality all round.

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