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Charlotte Willaby

I have just come back from my open day visit at Harvard University, and am so excited at joining there Fellowship program in June next year.

I really was surprised at how much technology they had on offer, far more than the other 3 universities I have visited, this along with how friendly and professional the staff and students were is my main reason for choosing them.

If only UK Universities followed the blue print of success that the American Universities have clearly mastered. I want the best education I can get, and Harvard are without doubt the very best equipped to stretch me mentally within the Business and Commerce sector.

Brian Louters

Harvard University is a great place to learn!

I have chosen to list my personal rating of Harvard University to help anyone wishing to go there in the future.

University campus – 10/10
University tutors – 9/10
University facilities – 9/10
Student accommadation – 9/10
Course choice – 10/10
Recreational facilities – 10/10
Local area – 8/10

I have tried to rate each aspect of my expereince at the university as best i can from my own experience so I hope this helps you when deciding where you may study next year.

Giles Broadson

Harvard University

I spent almost four years at Harvard during the late 1990,s and I thought I would tell you just how much of a great experience going to this university was for me as it paved the way for me to have the success I have enjoyed ever since leaving the univeristy in 1995. I learnt so much at this univeristy that I have always done well in my profession which is in economics as the tutors gave me the perfect foundations to be successful in my field.

During the classes we were always taught the best way to evaluate and find solutions for many complex problems that arise in economics as well as all the fundamental skills needed to work in this area of expertise. The university also had great facilities such as many swimming pools and gyms as well as track and field facilities which could all be used free of charge.

I also found that support was one of the things that harvard was the best for as whenever I was struggling to understand something I was always given extra tuition or help when I needed it. I made so many friends at Harvard which many of them are still my friends today as the university promotes togetherness and this is why so many people enjoy their time at Harvard. All in all I would recommend this experience to anyone wishing to improve their chances of a great career as you will find no better than Harvard.


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Dwain Gorton

Harvard University

I spent five years at Harvard between 2002 and 2007 and it was the best time I have ever had in my life so far and I met some amazing people along the way which many of are still my friends to this day.

The course and tutors and University facilities are second to none and I enjoyed every single minute of being there from start to finish.

If you are looking for a life changing experience then I would recommend greatly going to Harvard as everyone I know who has been there has done really well for themselves and surely this can not just be coincidence.

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