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Columbia University

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University of Columbia
116th and Broadway
New York
NY 10027

212 854 1754

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Mr Patela

My Columbia University Review

I’ve just finished at Columbia Univeristy and it was without a doubt been the best experience of my life! It has just been extrodinary, everything about Columbia University is amazing.

As its in New York it makes it even better as there’s so many sights and places to visit i really had the best time of my life! All the professors and tutors were so amazing, helpful and friendly, they helped me get the grades i needed.

The univeristy has everything you need and more, including all the facilities for the courses your on. If your looking for a good education and time then Columbia University is the place you need to go.

Loved it so much! Highly recommend Columbia Univeristy to anyone.

Diane Gough

Columbia University

I studied at Columbia University for three years during the late 1990`s and enjoyed every minute of being there.

The course I was on was one of the best I have ever taken and provided me with all the tools I needed to ensure I progressed in my career and paved the way for the success I have had today which I am of course very grateful for.

If you are looking at Columbia for next year then take my word for it that the university is brilliant all round with the best facilities and I highly recommend it to you.

Dave Swiglery

Columbia University

I was a student at Columbia University studying finance and accounting for three years in total and found the university to be one of the best I have ever attended.

The course I participated in had excellent tutors for every topic and when I was struggling during year three they gave me so much support and really changed my grades around so in the end I ended up flying through the course.

The university is well set in a good location also and is very modern looking in many places even though they have kept the historic parts of the campus also.

The universities theatre and leisure attractions were some of the best I have ever seen and were always clean and tidy and kept to the best standard possible.

I have to say studying at Columbia University was one of the most eye opening and productive times in my life and I would highly recommend the university to anyone who wants a great education.

Thank you Columbia you have given me the best possible start in life and I wish you all the best in the future.

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