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Pennsylvania University

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University of Pennsylvania
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PA 19104 6215

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William Jarfer

Pennsylvania University

Pennsylvania University for me is the best eductional establishment in the U.S by far and I state this as I have studied at around seven universities around the country and this one delivered the most out of all of them.

I spent two great years in Pennsylvania and enjoyed every minute of it and it had some of the best facilities of any university I have ever been to.

It has one of the largest swimming pools and running tracks anywhere and the tutors know exactly how to get the best out of you and gave me so much information on my subject that I flew through my course easily.

All I can say in addition to that about Pennsylvania University is Get There.

Sara Drefers

Pennsylvania University Review

The University of Pennsylvania for me is the best university in America and I have great and fond memories of studying there and met some lovely people along the way.

The course itself which was in law was one of the most difficult courses I have ever studies but the staff and tutors were extremely helpful and always offered their help to me when it was needed which of course was great.

I did not stay in the universities accommodation as my family had a flat which I was able to stay in but the facilities of the university were absolutely stunning and very modern which again was great.

If you are looking for a good university to study at I would certainly recommend Columbia to you as I am sure like me it will be one of the most exciting and beneficial experiences of your life.

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