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Franklin Hill

Been a customer of BE Broadband for the past three years and have never been more happy with an internet service provider.

The connection I receive is fantastic and gives me speeds I was never able to get from any of my previous suppliers.

The process of setting up the router and so on was really simple and took around five minutes to set up.

They are also very good on price as I get the unlimited package for £22 per month which is very competitive.

Great experience all round and would recommend.

Faye Hornsby

Knowing nothing about broadband and so on as I am not really technology minded I was advised when I asked my friends who to choose for broadband to choose BE Broadband.

Once this was decided I proceeded to contact BE Broadband to enquire about getting myself set up and ready to go. When the customer service team first answered my call they were very polite and helpful and talked me through the whole process which made me very relaxed about the whole situation. Once we had gone through all of the formalities I was told that I would receive all of my equipment within seven days and then my line would be enabled for broadband around the same time.

After five days I received my new internet router and began to follow the step by step set up instructions. The whole process of setting it up did not take long at all and the whole thing connected immediately and I was able to access the internet on my new laptop virtually immediately which was such a relief. I have now been a BE Broadband customer for just over twelve months now and am still very very happy with the service and will definitely be staying with them when me contract is finished.

Tom Hawkins

Having been a customer of BE broadband for many years I thought I would share my experience with anyone who is deliberating on what broadband provider to sign up to.

BE Broadband have been by far the best ISP I have ever used and I have never had any issues with connection or bandwidth and so on.

The internet speed itself is very quick and easy to set up even for a beginner and the wireless router you receive lets you connect from up to 100m away which is also a great advantage for those wishing to sit in their garden with the laptop like I do.

They are extremely good on price as well when compared to the other ISP services on offer and have an excellent customer service team also.

I would recommend BE broadband to anyone.

Thanks for listening.

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