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Debbie Watson

AOL Broadband Review

AOL have been supplying broadband to our family for the past five years and we have found them to be very good in all aspects of the service.

When we first ordered broadband none of us really knew to much about the internet so we chose AOL as we had been told it was very easy to use and had a great user console which would help us go through our daily activities. The console is very useful as it puts everything in an easy to manage fashion on your home screen so you can access news or sports by simply clicking the link which was great in helping us get used to using the internet.

We are also able to access all of our emails on this page and we can send instant messages using this too. All of the time we have had this broadband with AOL it has never stopped working or anything like that and seems very quick compared to some of our friends who are using different companies for these services. All in all we are very happy with AOL and would advise anyone looking for a great service to use them.

Henry Groves

AOL for me are just fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone wanting a really secure and fast broadband provider.

After seven years I have never been disconnected or had a problem and have never dropped speed considerably in that time like all of my friends say they have.

If I had to write one word to describe it would be…….. PHENOMENAL

Tracey Harlow

I have had AOL broadband for about a year now and will certainly be renewing my contract with them as they have been great throughout.

The connection is very good indeed and never lets us down and I have also found the customer service department to be very proficient.

No problem recommending AOL to anyone needing a good quality broadband connection and they are also very well priced to.


Ray Skelton

I have been an AOL customer for the past three years and have never had any problem with them and the broadband is very good and pretty quick.

I like their software interface which makes it easy to keep track of emails and stuff and is great for news bulletins.

Very fairly priced as well which is an added bonus and the software is very simple to install and use.

Top marks for AOL from me and the Skeltons

Gaz Shimmin

I have been a loyal AOL customer for many years now and have never seen any need to change ISP in the slightest as in every way for me they are absolutely perfect.

I have found that there software and browser is one of the best on the market which I can say from experience as I have frequented many of the leading brands and find them all very inferior. The AOL customer service team are by far one of the best I have ever dealt with and their staff are incredibly friendly and helpful which is a change for any call centre.

I also really like the way their email software works also as it sends email direct to my phone when I am not at my computer which is very advantageous. I just wanted to share my experience with you all as for me you just do not get any better than AOL. Happy surfing people.

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