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Mr Jarvis

Talk Talk Review

Talk Talk is the best broadband i’ve ever purchased better than any other broadband i’ve ever used!

So much more realiable and faster. Talk Talk allows me to talk to download different files and many other things at a faster speed! With Talk Talk i don’t have to worry about my internet speed ever slowing down.

For people who dowload lots of things from the internet i highly recommend Talk Talk as its the fastest broadband i’ve ever used!

Oliver Reardon

I have been a Talk Talk customer for just over two years now and have found them to be extremely good in every way.

I tend to do a lot of downloading and was sick to the back teeth of being throttled down at peak times by my previous supplier as it was getting that bad I could not even load a video on Youtube which was so frustrating.

Since I have changed i have the best connection ever on the wireless for my laptop and have not had any problems in the slightest.

I would highly recommend Talk Talk to anyone looking for good broadband at a great price so have a look now.

Brent Rastell

I have been a loyal Talk Talk customer for many years as I feel they have given me the best service I could ever have asked for. I have my broadband and phone calls through them and have found there call charges to be much less than rival companies and there broadband is very very quick.

I have given my rating for each of these below in the hope it will help you to make the right decision on where to go for these services.


Broadband 10/10

Phone call costs 8/10

Customer services 8/10

Price 9/10

Overall 9/10

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