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Plus Net

Contact Details:

Plus Net Technologies
Technology Buildings
Insight Campus
Terry Street
South Yorkshire
S9 2BU

0845 140 0200

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Fergus Mahonney

I have been a customer of Plus Net for the past five years or so and have found the service they provide to be absolutely phenomenal in every way from the equipment to the customer service department.

Only once in those five years have I ever lost connection which was quickly fixed once I contacted them to explain the situation and they were extremely helpful in getting me back up and running and I was back to normal within a day at the most.

I would advise anyone to try out Plus Net without hesitation as they are brilliant.

Hope this helps

Marik Patel

I changed my internet service provider a couple of months ago from Pipex who I had been with for many years as I was advised to do so by a close friend who had himself done so not long before me. I contacted Pipex to obtain my Mac code which I received four or five days after I had stated my intent to change ISP and then proceeded to contact Plus Net to arrange my service to be transferred.

The guy on the phone seemed to be very helpful and quickly guided me through the whole process and we were done within fifteen minutes. I was told to expect my equipment in the post within the next few days and then I should be able to connect to the internet once it was all set up.

Just like they said my router and what not arrived a couple of days later so I proceeded to set up like it was explained to do but unfortunately it did not work at that time. I rang Plus Net that morning and the gentleman explained it could take up to seven days for the service to be transferred which I remembered from the first phone call as soon as he told me.

I left it for the rest of the day and thought I would try again next morning and to my great happiness when I awoke and tried again it was all on and ready to use. The connection I have had ever since has been far superior to my previous provider and I cannot stress enough how happy I am with Plus Net.

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