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Graham Dortor

I have been with BT broadband for over a year now and i can safely say that it is the fastest most reliable internet source i have used up to date.

I have never had any problems with BT broadband, the internet speed is so quick i can watch videos, listen to music and surf the web without there being any sign of my internet being slow.There is no other broadband like this, i’ve never been so impressed with a broadband service in my life.

As well as having a good internet service, BT also provided me with a telephone landline which has also been incredible quality.

I would highly recommend anyone with slow internet to switch to BT for good,
fast and better service!

Bella Nielson

BT Broadband is by far the best internet service I have had and believe me I have tried them all but I always return to BT.

Many of the other providers seem to be ok for a few months and then wham you seem to get slowed down and less service than at the start and it is so annoying as you have to stay with them until you twelve month contract is up.

This time I will never leave BT again and I really dont know why I ever did before as they are as Tina Turner would say Simply the Best.

Highly recommended.

Paul taggart

After months of holding back I decided to change internet service providers for my broadband as the last company I was with for over five years had gone downhill and the service we had been getting was ridiculous. Our internet speeds had dropped dramatically over the past few months and was becoming unbearable to use and caused many problems throughout our household. I decided to choose BT Broadband for my new ISP as they had been recommended by a close friend and I am now so grateful I took their advice.

From the moment I first contacted BT I found their customer service department to be extremely helpful and was advised of the package I should take which was suitable for my needs. I was asked to provide them with a MAC code or what not to enable the transfer of my service and was then told to leave it to them and within seven days the transfer would be complete. BT was true to their word and within five days I was enjoying my new broadband package which I have found to be far superior to my previous supplier. I received a free BT home hub router which was extremely easy to set up and provided a much better wireless network than the people I had before and I cannot believe it took me so long to see the light.

I would advise anyone who is having problems with their broadband provider to sign up with BT immediately as for me they are the best in the country and will bend over backwards to help you all they can.


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