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Mrs Jonas

I recently purchased a Sony Television and i have never experienced such a good T.V. in all my life! The quality of the T.V. is just brilliant.

The picture Is so clear, so easy to use too, a really good buy.

The quality from the speakers are really good too, can’t believe my ears when i listen to it. I was really impressed at the time it took to come, it said up to 7-10 days and it came just after three!
Really impressed. At just £279 you can’t go wrong! So cheap, but still really good quality for a T.V. , its ideal for people who don’t fancy forking out on an expensive T.V. Really good buy i’d recommend it to anyone!

Margaret Tone

The item I would like to review is the Sony Tablet S which I recently ordered myself via the Sony website.

After ordering my tablet I received it two days later via special delivery and it arrived in perfect condition with all the accessories and parts included.

The tablet itself is very good indeed and looks extremely professional which is exactly what I needed for my business presentations and so forth and it performs very well indeed in every aspect.

I paid £399.99 for the table which is a very good price considering its capabilities and spec and so far it has been worth every single penny and has become an essential item for my daily routine.

I have found the tablets performance to be flawless in every single way and is very quick to boot up when first switched on. The battery is also very good and can run for over four hours on full capacity without needing an hard power line which is just what I needed.

I am more than happy with every aspect of my dealings with Sony from the service to the item itself and would have no problem recommending them to all.

Gillian Hemmingway

My laptop failed recently and the cost of getting it repaired was not that far off buying a new one so I decided to hell with it and purchased a new Sony Vaio Z series laptop from my local dealer. Since it first arrived I could see how much faster and better quality it was when compared to my old laptop and I could not be more happy.

I have found the design of this laptop to be extremely slick and heavy duty and has a beautiful gloss finish on the screen. The laptop is also very lightweight and only weighs around a kilo which is excellent for travel and moveability.

The battery life has decreased a tad over the last month or so but is still far better than my previous one. Overall it is an exceptional piece of equipment and after having used it a would never go back.

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