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Joe Mortoy

I highly recommed Samsung as an Electrical brand. I only ever buy this brand as other brands have never lasted as long, most especially my 32 Inch TV and my samsung phone.

I guess If you want quality then Samsung must be a considered brand name to buy from.

Paul Ravenfield

I have recently purchased a Samsung R20 laptop and have found it to be by far the best laptop I have ever had. The laptop itself is of the highest quality and is very quick in running all of the programmes I need for work which has been a godsend after the past performance of my previous laptop.

The R20 also features a really good quality high definition glossed screen which shows videos and photos in very high quality and the battery life is not bad either. The only downfall is it is hard to see the screen in the sunshine and also if the main power adapter is not plugged in but this is not really a problem for me.

I have not had to contact customer services or anything like that yet which is always good when you buy something so cannot comment on that but overall I would highly recommend Samsung products as they have always been excellent for me. Hope this help you. Paul

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