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Devonshire Square Dental Studio

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Devonshire Square Dental Studios
15 Devonshire Square
Liverpool Street

0207 247 8057

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Lindsay Gifford

Last Year I was referred to the Devonshire Square Dental Surgery as I required a brace fitting to the top half of my mouth as my teeth had gone slightly twisted since my previous brace had been taken off. I arrived at the surgery and was met by a smiling receptionist who asked for my name and booking details and then asked me to sit in the waiting room. Once

I was seated for around two minutes another member of staff came over and asked if I would like a cup of tea or coffee which was a very nice touch. After around twenty minutes of waiting I was called in to see my dentist who was very nice and explained the whole procedure and what not to me and he was very reassuring as he could see I was slightly nervous which again was very nice.

The whole procedure took around an hour and afterwards I went home and slept for the rest of the day. Not being a lover of the dentist trade I was so happy that i went to the Devonshire dental Clinic as they made the whole process much more bearable and simplistic and I can not thank them enough for their help. Their price was very reasonable as well when compared to other institutions which was an added bonus for me.

I would recommend the Devonshire Dental Clinic to whoever wants excellent service and dental treatment as in my mind they are by far the best in the country.

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