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111 Harley St.


111 Harley Street

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Jodie Wyn

Last year I decided that I would really like to have my breasts enlarged as for many years I had been very concious that I was underdeveloped in that area and it played havoc with my confidence. I decided to look for a clinic that had a high reputation in the London area and came across the 111 Harley Street Cosmetic Surgery.

I viewed their website and was very impressed by the services that they offered so decided to book myself in for a consultation. The consultation itself was very good and the consultant was extremely helpful and explained the whole procedure to me in great detail. I decided to go ahead with the process and booked myself in for the treatment which was just over three weeks from the date of my consultancy which I thought was brilliant.

After I had the operation I was very happy with the results and my new breasts have really helped my confidence as they now match the shape of my body. I was a bit sore for around a week after my operation but that was ok when I saw the results. The staff at the surgery were all extremely helpful and polite and I could not have asked for a better experience.

I would highly recommend the 111 Harley Street Cosmetic Surgery to anyone wishing to participate in any type of plastic surgery or body surgery as they are incredibly professional and helpful throughout.

I am so happy

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