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Janet Saunders

My experience of Virgin Media – 26th April 2023.

I’ve been a Virgin Media customer for several years now and I have to say, I’m very impressed with their service.

The internet speeds are lightning-fast, which is important for my work, and the TV package offers a great variety of channels and on-demand options. The customer service is top-notch – whenever I’ve had an issue or question, the team has been very responsive and helpful, always going the extra mile to ensure that everything is resolved to my satisfaction.

I also appreciate that there are no hidden fees or surprises with Virgin Media – the prices are clear and transparent, and I feel like I’m getting good value for my money.

I highly recommend Virgin Media to anyone looking for high-quality internet and TV services with excellent customer support.”

Barry Evans

Virgin Broadband is just great in every way!!!!

After trying numerous suppliers over the years I have now found the perfect provider for me in Virgin Media Broadband as they have ensured I am always connected to the internet with no down time whatsoever which is just what I need as I work from home and the internet is essential for me to go about my business.

I have found their equipment to be some of the best ever and the router is extremely powerful and I can now pick up my wireless all over the house which makes a great change from moving around trying to get the best signal.

All in all I am very happy indeed with their service and would recommend.

Linda Beatrix

I have used Virgin Broadband for the past few months and have found it to be one of the best I have ever used and I am more than happy with the service they provide.

They are very well priced and I now have one of the stablest connections I have ever had and am very happy indeed.

I cannot recommend Virgin Broadband enough and would advise you check them out before choosing your next ISP.


Claire Knowles

I Have been a happy customer of Virgin Media for my broadband for years and find them easily the best on the market today. I have the medium broadband package which allows me to download up to 40gb per month and runs at speeds of just shy of 30mb which is absolutely brilliant and never lets me down.

Having used many providers before I switched to Virgin as I am sure you are aware I was getting a much reduced bandwidth during peak hours which in some cases was becoming a real nuisance especially when I wanted to watch a Youtube video as they were taking forever to load and in many cases did not load at all.

I have never had this problem from Virgin and also the equipment that was provided by Virgin was much more simpler to set up than BT or Pipex. Overall my experience of Virgin has been absolutely phenomenal and I would advise anyone to sign up with them now if you want quality service and product.

Paula Gibson

After years of being a Sky television and broadband customer I decided I was not really happy with what I was getting for my money so I decided to shop around to see what else was on offer. After viewing all the latest deals I came across the Virgin Media website and found the packages they had to offer much more tempting than many of their competitors.

After some chatting on the telephone with their very helpful staff I decided to choose their Broadband, TV and Broadband package which cost me a basic £20 a month which was very impressive. Once I had signed up to the deal I received my broadband router and other items through the post within 72 hours which was very easy to set up.

I am now an extremely happy Virgin Media customer and would recommend them to anyone wishing for a refreshing change for their home entertainment utilities. They are the best I have ever used by far so thank you very much Virgin.

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