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Heather Goddard

I was in Devon filling a replacement knee operation and my leg became very swollen,red ,hot and painfull. I contacted 111 service at 3 am on Friday morning and was given an appointment to see a GP at 8 am on Saturday morning (Devon Doctors) at Newton Abbot hospital. The GP was very thorough and was not sure if it might be an infection or
DVT she asked be to go to Torbay hospital AMU which I duly did. I was given blood tests ( which were analysed in less than 2 hours) EcG. The waiting area was very clean and staff very pleasant and helpful. There was hot drinks, cold drinks, biscuits and sandwiches available to help yourself to which was welcome as we were there for 8 hours. I was seen in the afternoon by a Doctor who said he would get a consultant to see me which duly happened. She said blood tests were not conclusive and Doctors could miss DVT and prescribed blood thinning medication which duly arrived later in afternoon and explained do and don’ts when taking such medication. She would arrange an ultra scan in a few days to look at veins in legs.Imagine my surprise to be phoned in my holiday home on the next day (Sunday) at 10 am by the sister of unit offering me an appointment the next day at lunchtime. Fortunately this showed no evidence of a DVT. I can not praise the treatment I received by the Trust which was exemplary and very impressive as was the cleanliness of the hospital which was being cleaned with hovers and swabs. I was not only extremely impressed with the staff I met and the treatment I received and the efficiency of the hospital departments that I came in contact with this has to be an excellent facilities for the inhabitants of Devon. Thank you so much

Mildred Wilson

I have found the NHS Choices website very helpful and informative in my experience and am really impressed by the services they provide. Being a lady of senior years I am frequently worried about my health and am always looking up things and what not as well as needing medical advice without going to the doctor.

I find that the conditions and treatments feature of the website to be exactly what I need as I really hate bothering my local GP with my smaller problems as I don`t want to be a bother to him. I generally always research my conditions using this feature and I think it is brilliant.

I also like the feature that allows you to search for health services within your vicinity which again is extremely helpful. I would highly recommend the NHS Choices website to all of you who need advice on your health or medical problems.

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