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Heather Jones

I have been a Virgin Mobile customer for the past three years and am very happy with the service I get from them.

They make it very simple to join and the application is usually done within minutes and they have one of the best price plans I have ever had before.

Each moth I receive 600 minutes call time, unlimited texts and 500mb of internet access and all for £24.99 plus VAT which is a really good deal.

They also provided me with a free phone which was worth in the region of £300 which was one hell of an added bonus.

I am a very happy customer and would definitely recommend to others.

Charlie Peterson

I recently changed my mobile phone provider to Virgin Mobile as I had had problems with my previous supplier and the service I had been getting was well below par.

Virgin made the switch over very simple and took my through the application process in a matter of minutes as well as providing me with an excellent new Blackberry Torch phone for free which was nice.

I now receive a much better signal and have more talk time and texts than I had on my previous price plan which again is great.

Virgin Mobile are definitely worth checking out if you are due to renew your mobile phone contract as they are very well priced and offer a fantastic service.

I am very happy all round with their service.

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