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Dorothy Perkins

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Dorothy Perkins Ltd
Colegrave House
70 Berners Street

0844 984 0261

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Gaynor Hammond

I am a frequent visitor to my local Dorothy Perkins store and have always found the store to be very good in many different aspects.

The clothes they sell are of the best quality and are well priced when you consider how long they last and they always have an excellent selection within their lines.

I really like the fact that they always have loads of sales on where you can get so much more for your money.

DP is a great store and I will always shop there and I hope you now do to.

Mrs Goodwin

I have been a valued and loyal customer of Dorothy Perkins for as long as I can remember as my mother always used the store when I was younger and the habit has just stuck with me ever since. I visited my local Dorothy Perkins store on the high street in search of a new summer dress and was immediately greeted by a smiling face of a shop assistant which I thought was nice.

I browsed the store until I found the dress I wanted and then took it to the counter where I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a further twenty percent of the price was to be deducted as it was in the sale which I thought was brilliant. I was so happy when I got home and even happier when I first used the dress as I received some excellent comments from my friends.

I think Dorothy Perkins is very good value and the do this without compromising quality which is very rare in this day in age. Well done

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