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Gaz Barratt

I had been planning to propose to my fiancée for a few weeks and had been saving my money so I could buy an engagement ring for her and when I had got enough I took a trip down to my local H Samuels store in town.

When I got there I asked to see their selection of rings and was helped by a very nice lady who was brilliant as I had no idea what I was doing if the truth be told.

She helped me choose a ring that was within my price range and would suit my partner and she even helped with the sizing of the ring as I had tried one of her rings on my little finger and found it a perfect fit so the new one was measured against this.

Once I had got the ring of course I had to plan the proposal which was quite nerve racking but I did it and you will all be glad to hear she said yes so as you can imagine I am very happy and grateful to H Samuels for their professional service they gave me.

Highly recommended by me.

Kelvin Davids

I was after a new watch and decided to see what was available on the H Samuels website as I had used them before and always found them to be very good at what they do.

I found the watch I wanted which was a Police Sovereign Stainless Steel Watch which set me back £129.00. When I got the watch I was very happy with the way it looked and fitted and looked very smart and high quality. The features of the watch were very simple to use and the battery could be changed easily which was a great relief.

All in all I was very happy with my purchase and will be using H Samuel again without hesitation.

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