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Mrs Hughes

My Hamleys Shopping Review

I would like to give a review of a Eurostar Train Set that we purchased for our son on his birthday last month.

Quality 9/10, Value 10/10, Enjoyment 10/10, Overall 10/10

Our son cannot put this train set down and we have such a hard time to get him to go to bed bacuase of it which of course is a pain but its good to see him so entralled in a toy as he has never been the most toy orientated person until now. The train set is very well made as you can see from the word go and has no bits that could be concieved as dangerous which was a relief as we have had some sets liek this before from other retailers that were well below the standard you would expect for a child.

The item arrived very quickly after order and arrived in perfect condition maybe two days after we ordered it. The staff at Hamleys were very good as we ordered by phone and took us through the payment and delivery process very quickly and seemed to know everything about the product which was a breath of fresh air considering many companies do not have a clue. All in all we are very happy with Hamelys and will sure be using them again in the very near future.

Selina Scott

I really have to say the toys at Hamleys are simply beautiful and such good quality it is unreal.

For the past two years I have been buying my little one toys from Hamleys as he loves them and I know what I am getting is going to be safe and very good quality as I despise cheap toys as they never last long and are dangerous in some cases.

The best toy I think I have had from there is a 10ft Trampoline which I think cost me about £300 but it is such a good quality and I have had some great fun on it myself.

I highly recommend Hamleys without a doubt.

Great shop

Charles Neal

The item I would like to review as well as the service from Hamleys is their own Wooden Chess Set which is priced at £19.99.

As soon as I received the chess set I could tell it was of the best of quality and you could instantly tell that it was indeed hand made like the description says and it had a really professional feel about it.

The pieces are very good indeed and feature so much detail it is incredible.

I am very happy with my purchase and will be returning for more items in the future.

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